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Goldilocks and the three bears play

As part of 30 days to hands on play challenge that I am revisiting at the moment Day 14 was Act out a Story it was so much fun that I have decided to write it as a full post instead of a short outline of our activity like I have been doing for the days.

Goldilocks and the three bears playI hadn’t done this with J or T before – yes we’ve taken our literacy outside, we’ve made it into characters but I’ve never acted it out with them. Goldilocks and the three bears is one of the few books that both J and T love so it was an easy choice as the first one for us to tackle. We have a ladybird touch and feel Goldilocks and the 3 bears which is very easy to read, it has different materials inside which T loves to touch and there is also a lot of practice of counting to 3 which T likes and asks for more each time we count.

I hunted around the house and found 3 different sized bears, a doll that looked like Goldilocks, some different sized bowls, we used the 3 seats in our lounge and for the beds I found some cardboard, a piece of sponge and the dolls blanket we have.

We then read through the book once and as it’s the first time I’ve done this with J and T I introduced the characters to them pointing to them in the book (more for T’s benefit than for J’s).

Acting out a story - goldilocks and the three bearsI would love to share pictures of the 3 of us down on the floor acting out the story from the book with our characters but this was a week day activity with no one around to take picture. T was Goldilocks and kept hiding the porridge bowls and J was the Big Daddy bear at the end shouting WHO ATE MY PORRIDGE and I was instructed by J to be Mummy bear and Baby bear.

It was such a simple activity to set up with toys around the house and we must have spent 45 mins re-telling the story. The funniest bit when our Goldilocks doll and T ran away with the porridge with T babbling away to the doll with the word that I understood being GO GO GO GO!


  1. Loved the idea and will definitely do this with Zach.

  2. Oh it looks brilliant. I wonder if your kids will be asking to act this out everyday now?

  3. fun 🙂 I have a very similar post in draft as we had so much fun acting out the same book last week!

    1. It was brilliant – J has never been into it before but T loves to act out. I can’t wait to read your posts (BTW I tried to comment on one of the posts you linked up last week to Tuesday Tots and couldn’t)

      1. thanks for letting me know re comments, not sure what is going on, I took off word verification last week and guess it hasn’t been working since!

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