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Going to Bed Books

J is going through a difficult bedtime stage at the moment so after the success of our Potty Training Books which we read for a week and they really helped him get his head around potty training (which is going really well at the moment) I thought a week of books about bedtime and sleep would help J with this new phase.

Our first book is Russell the sheep by Rob Scotton this is all about Russell a sheep that is having trouble getting to sleep when all of the other sheep have gone to bed. He goes through various different ways to help him achieve sleep and in the end falls asleep just as all of the other sheep wake up. J loves this books and this is the 3rd or 4th time we have got it out of the library and will soon be purchasing it to go into our ever growing book collection.

Bedtime Billy Bear! by Miriam Moss and Anna Currey is our second book – the story of a little bear going to sleep whilst being looked after by a Baby Sitter. This really struck a cord as at the moment we are getting lots of distraction techniques – potty, delaying getting out of the bath, one more book etc….. and this is just what Billy Bear does until the baby sitter finds out what is bothering him. A lovely story especially if you have a nervous toddler and they are about to be put to bed by someone who doesn’t normally do it.

J loves Maisy and our 3rd book is Maisy’s Bedtime this is a lovely picture/story book for young toddlers and beginner readers which goes through Maisy going to bed to the point where she goes to sleep. We also have Sweet Dreams Maisy which was a free board book from Bookstart and another excellent book about bedtimes and routines for toddlers.

Our 4th book this week is Can’t you sleep, Little Bear? by Martin Waddell and illustrated by Barbara Firth, this is a little longer than some of the other books but is a really nice bedtime story as it may also help unearth some of the problems that a toddler maybe having going to sleep. Little bear can’t go to sleep and big bear tries his best to solve the problem but each time little bear has more trouble.

Our last book is Oliver who would not sleep by Mara Bergman and Nick Maland again this from a parent is a tale that is typical of most nights and J loves it especially as it has a rocket in, I’ve seen a few of the other Oliver books in the library and I think they will become quite a regular in our reading as J seems to like the character.

If you are interested in finding out more about 5 a day books and how it supports early literacy then pop on over to The Imagination Tree and find out more. I really hope you enjoy these books with your toddler and would love to hear your recommendations for books about bedtime to read with your toddlers if you have any pop a note in the comments below or over on our facebook page or to me @rainydaymum on twitter.

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