Glittered Snowflake Ornaments

Snowflakes are one of our favourite things about Winter. My kids when they were toddlers loved trying to catch them and then when they started school they became obsessed with cutting paper to make snowflakes. As part of this year’s Storybook Advent and our 3rd book, we have a fun easy Christmas ornament to make with kids. These glittered snowflake ornaments inspired by Merry Christmas, Mouse!, by Laura Numeroff are great for working on cutting practice as well as creating a keepsake that you can add to the tree year after year.

Merry Christmas, Mouse! by Laura Numeroff

We have included links to the books and some materials that we used to create these glitter snowflakes. If you buy via our links we may earn a small commission.

The mouse from Laura Numeroff’s beloved If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series is celebrating Christmas with a counting board book. In Merry Christmas, Mouse! he’s busy counting Christmas ornaments to decorate the tree. The lovable little mouse goes overboard and adds more than 100 ornaments!

Glittered Snowflake Ornaments

We were inspired by the snowflake ornaments in Merry Christmas, Mouse! Mouse starts with 3 blue snowflakes for his tree. (Then, he eventually adds lots more.) Read our Top Tip for making sure that the glitter doesn’t get everywhere further down.

Supplies You’ll Need to Make Glittered Snowflakes:

Computer Paper


Glue stick


Large zip-top plastic bags



How to Make Glittered Snowflake Ornaments

I showed Lily, my 4-year-old, how to make paper snowflakes. We started with plain white computer paper cut into squares the size we wanted our ornaments.

We folded the paper in half to form a triangle. Then, we folded it again.

Next, we cut out triangles and/or semi-circles from each side being careful not to cut all the way across the paper.

Open up your paper and you’ll have a simple snowflake.

Now to cover it in glitter. We used a glue stick. It would be a good idea to use a purple glue stick (that dries clear) so you can see exactly where you put the glue.

Top Tip for Using Glitter with Kids to make it a little more Mess FREE!

Place the snowflake inside a zip-top plastic bag and sprinkle glitter on top of the glue. Zip the bag shut and shake it to remove the excess glitter and ensure the snowflake is completely covered (assuming you put glue everywhere).

We found that using the plastic bag made for less of a mess. Most of the extra glitter stayed inside the bag instead of getting all over the table. My 9-year-old did not like using the plastic bag method. He felt it restricted his ability to shake the glitter container. I think this was a good thing as glitter didn’t fly everywhere.

If you choose not to use the plastic bag, make sure you use a tray or container to hold the excess glitter.

Take your snowflake out of the bag and set aside to dry.

Tie or tape a string on them and hang them on your Christmas tree. We taped a string to the back of the snowflakes so we didn’t have to poke a hole in them.

I just love the way the glittered snowflake ornaments turned out. My favorite is the blue one.

Lily’s favorite is the gold one.

While I helped Lily fold and cut her snowflakes, I had my toddler color a piece of paper.

You can take any piece of toddler art (painted, scribbled, etc.) and turn it into snowflakes. Cut the paper into a small square to make it be an appropriately sized ornament for the tree.

My toddler wanted a giant snowflake, so I left his a full size piece of paper. Then, I folded and cut the snowflake for him.

More Snowflake Art and Snowflake Patterns to Try

How to make Paper Snowflakes
Using LEGO to explore the symmetry in snowflakes - an elementary school activity on reflection symmetry in vertical and horizontal planes

Use glitter glue to decorate giant snowflakes after reading Ten Shiny Snowflakes.

Use LEGO to explore symmetry in snowflakes.

Make a paper six pointed snowflake with instructions from Red Ted Art.

If you’re looking for unique snowflake patterns, check out the Star Wars snowflakes or Harry Potter snowflakes from Anthony Herrera Designs.

Easy Christmas Craft for Kids to create Simple Glitter Snowflakes inspired by the ones in Merry Christmas Mouse! Quick Craft to do on a Rainy Christmas Day

Why Not Pin These to make Again in Winter when you have some Snow.

Easy Christmas Craft for Kids to create Simple Glitter Snowflakes inspired by the ones in Merry Christmas Mouse! Quick Craft to do on a Rainy Christmas Day
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