If you have kids that love to doodle or sketch then here’s our list of the best drawing gifts for them. From the essential equipment to sets that will bring it all together these gifts for drawing-loving kids vary from little stocking fillers to boost up their existing supplies to everything they need to take it to the next level. So here you go our gift guide for kids that love to draw.

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Gifts for Boys and Girls that Love Drawing

Although my kids have loved to get crafty over the years making things with an end purpose in sight. Over the last few years, they have also got into drawing and sketching as well as other arts.

As they grow in confidence and ability we have gone from a simple pencil to more specialised equipment adding extras to their birthday and Christmas lists and out art supplies.

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I’ve always believed that providing the best quality materials will help develop my kids interest in arts. There’s nothing more frustrating than grabbing a pencil to draw and yet again the lead breaking or the pen to finish off the piece of artwork running out after a few goes. Even worse the paper being of such a quality that it tears as you draw or the pen that you use goes through it and onto the page below.

To avoid the frustration and to inspire you with what to get when you just get the request I want some drawing supplies we’ve put together this gift guide of some of the best drawing supplies the kids and I use.

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What to Get Kids that Love to Draw

If your kids love to draw then these ideas are perfect for them to encourage it further. From small stocking fillers to bigger supplies that they will cherrish.

1 Sketch Books

If there is one thing that kids that love art will need it’s something to produce the art one. My eldest loves to draw and we’ve found that rather than having hundreds of pieces of paper around it’s a much better idea to buy sketch books. Sketch books also have the advantage of producing better quality sketches. If you buy in packs then they will likely last a few weeks instead of finishing in days.

2. Sketch Pencils

Once your kids start drawing and if they are like mine following YouTube tutorials to get it right they’ll be hunting for 4B and 2H pencils. So a set of sketch pencils is ideal this set covers from 4H to 14B so a perfect set for getting into shading as well as sketching.

3. Erasers

Once they start drawing and sketching your kids will quickly discover that those novelty erasers just don’t work that well for the job. Instead, they need different erasers for different jobs and a set that combines the 3 main types, kneadable, gum, and plastic is ideal. It will let them get different effects from erasing errors to getting the white to come through on an eye or light areas on a sketch.


Although they may love to sketch it may be that they want to colour. I know from my own kids a lot of the illustrators and graphic novel artists they follow on YouTube use coloured pencils. 5. Drawing Tutorial Books

If they’ve got the bug for drawing and want to develop it further. They can of course follow even more YouTube videos and online tutorials and classes. BUT, a good book that they can follow, keep open and do without a screen is just as good. This book is a great introduction and will help them develop their drawing and sketching skills.

If they are beyond this phase then these 2 books How to Draw Cool Stuff A Drawing Guide and How to Draw Cool Stuff Shading, Texture, Pattern and Optical Illusions are both really good with some fun stuff to draw and practice.

6. Artist Posable Model

If your kids are interested in progressing their drawing skills further then I know every art student I ever met had a posable model to help with anatomy sketches. It’s a really fun gift and one that they probably wouldn’t buy themselves unless it’s for a specific project or course. You can also get posable hands which can be even more specialised and great to buy as well.

7. ArtBin

Kids love to draw wherever they are and that can often mean a mess, but an ArtBin is ideal. We actually have 4 in our house, the kids have one each and I have 2, one for drawing supplies and one for painting supplies. I have had my two since I was a teen and they are still going strong and used regularly.

8. Pencil Sharpener

A fabulous little stocking stuffer is a pencil sharpener. If the kid you are buying for is anything like mine then these will always be going missing. The calls of “where is a pencil sharpener?” are frequent especially if they are adding the finishing touches to their artwork and drawings.

9. Mechanical Pencils

We have sketching pencils, we have a pencil sharpener but on this years list my eldest requested mechanical pencils. He’s been looking at Manga and Anime drawing and apparently, an extra sharp pencil is essential and mechanical pencils are the way to go with this. This set is ideal it comes with different sizes of lead and even erasers and isn’t too expensive for those starting out but will last a while before they need upgrading.

10. Finishing Pens

Some drawings need to be finished with a pen I have discovered especially if they are sketching graphic or comic book style and a set of Faber Castell Art Pens is ideal. The different thickness of the nibs is perfect for different effects. Both my kids and I use these and find them an essential part of our art supplies.

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