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Fun Firefighter Crafts and Activities for Preschoolers

One of the emergency service workers we have had fun learning about in our Community Helpers Theme are the Fire Men and Women.

We’ve put together our favourite firefighter activities and crafts for you and your preschoolers and older toddlers to do together.

So here you go some fun Firemen Inspired Crafts and Activities for preschool.

firefighters and truck themed activities and crafts collage for preschoolers

Fire Fighter Activities for Kids

playing a diy maths game using dice and buttons for counters
Fire Fighter Roll and Cover Numbers 1 to 6

The Fire Fighter is one of the characters in our Emergency Services Roll and Cover Maths Games.

You can also find them featured in our other community helper printables, just click on the images below to be taken to the activities.

More Community Helper Printable Activities for Preschoolers

matching the number of objects with the number on the count and clip cards

transport trashy town domino game
Community helpers - matching initial word sounds to the letters
emergency worker printable guess who game being played by 2 kids

These activities to go alongside the book Flash the Little Fire Engine by Pam Calvert and illustrated by Jen Taylor are fantastic for preschoolers we love the fire patterning.

These write and count fire trucks are great to make and use with your preschooler as you work on counting and learning about the fire fighters and their work.

collage of activities to do with preschoolers about firefighters

Work on some fine motor skills with this fun putting out the fire game for kids.

We love this week of activities that include a couple of crafts to celebrate Fire Safety week. They are great for younger preschoolers and older toddlers.

Another putting out the fire activity for kids is this solo cup fire game. We love this and would add in counting and some simple addition and subtraction with how many cups we’ve knocked down.

Fire Fighter Crafts for Preschoolers

Hand prints and foot prints are great for using in craft projects with your preschoolers. They will love squishing and squeezing the paint in the hands or coating there feet.

Why not make a fun handprint fire truck or a footprint fire engine with your kids.

collage of crafts to do with preschoolers all about fire trucks

A little more time and some materials from the recycling box and you can make a fun egg carton fire truck. I love how it’s even got pretend hoses.

Extending the FireMan Crafts and Activities

If you would like to extend this further and focus on fire safety.

Why not teach your kids fire safety and prevention with these top tips.

If you are looking for even more fire safety resources check out this collection of activities including free printables to do with your preschoolers.

Fun Fireman themed crafts and activities for kids

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