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Frog and Tadpole Life Cycle Rocks to Make for Kids

Learning about life cycles is one of my favourite topics to do with kids in science. It doesn’t matter whether they are 3 or 15 it still fascinates them, especially if the lifecycle is different in some way. These amphibian life cycle rocks are such a fun resource for you to make for your kids. Add then to your nature area, use them with books to retell the life cycle, and help support your kids learn about the amazing life cycle of the frog. So here you go our easy to make DIY Frog Life Cycle Story Stones.

DIY Frog Life Cycle Story Stones and resources for kids to learn

Frog Life Cycle Rocks

Story Stones are just painted rocks that you and your child can use to tell a story. Whether like our Nativity Story Stones they are based on an actual story or like these that are more open-ended and children can use to retell the life cycle story of the frog themselves they are simple to make and then can be used time and time again.

sequencing of the frog life cycle using DIY story stones

We have added these to our nature table with a set of the frog lifecycle cards from our memory game as well as a tank of tadpoles that we are raising this spring (if you would like to do this as well check out our guide to raising tadpoles).

adding labels to storystones to help with learning vocabulary with preschoolers

Follow the instructions below on creating your own stones and then use them with your child to explore the lifecycle of a frog. Don’t forget to check out some of our other ideas for exploring this lifecycle with kids below.

Materials Needed to Create your Own Set of DIY Story Stones for the Life Cycle of the Frog

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Acrylic Paints

POSCA Pen (black)

How to make your own Frog Life Cycle Rocks

stones ready to decorate to create a set of story stones for kids

Before your start wash and dry your rocks thoroughly.

sketching out frogspawn design for a set of lifecycle story stones for kids
using acryllic paints to create a set of story stones for the frog life cycle
  1. With a pencil outline each of your lifecycle stages on the rocks. outlines for frog lifecycle stages drawn by hand onto rocks
  2. Then using a small paintbrush fill in your outlines with acrylic paints. close up of froglet with tail and frog story stones part of a life cycle set for kids
  3. Leave to dry. adding tadpoles to the frogspawn on a set of story stones
  4. Once dry using a black POSCA Pen draw a black outline around the paintings.

You can also at this point add in white eyes or extra details you may wish with either paint or using the POSCA pens.

froglet outlined with black POSCA pen to create a story stone for kids showing the frog life cycle

If you wish to seal the rocks thoroughly then we recommend using a Matt Mod Podge but do make sure that your painting and the outlines are thoroughly dry before applying the sealer as they can leach if not.

close up of frogspawn and tadpole story stones for the frog life cycle
Frog Life Cycle resource flat lay including sequencing cards, spelling logs, lifecycle safariltd toys and DIY story stones

More Frog Themed Activities & Crafts

Pinterest image for a Tadpole and Frog Life Cycle Flip Book to Make with Preschoolers
Frog life cycle sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers

Make a simple flipbook with your preschoolers with our printable frog life cycle book.

Get playing and retelling the life cycle story with your little ones with a frog pond sensory bin including water beads to represent the frogspawn.

DIY Frog Life Cycle Story Stones and resources for kids to learn

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