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FREE Printable Emergency Service Guess Who Game

We are loving playing games together and have enjoyed getting creative with them. Using ideas of our favourite childhood games and adapting them to different themes to keep us entertained all summer long. This FREE Printable Game of “guess who” is one of them. We have loved playing across video with younger cousins and the kids trying it out as well. So here we go our Emergency Service Guess Who Game and how we are printing through the summer whilst keeping the kids entertained.

This is a sponsored post written as part of a Epson Ambassadorship.

laminated game boards with a divider between for a FREE printable Guess Who Emergency Services game for preschoolers

Printable Summer Fun & Epson EcoTank

Although we are gearing down our summer learning that doesn’t mean our printer gets a break. Instead, colouring pages, activities and games are requested and printed from the kitchen table.

With the Epson EcoTank ET-7700 that we have been using since October and are yet to refill I know the with the app on the tablets the kids can do it themselves and keep themselves entertained for a little longer away from the screens and devices.

epson Eco-tank Et-7700 in use at home

You can read our initial impressions of the EcoTank here and now that we have had 4 months of at home learning I can say we will never get a different printer. Eco-friendly, print from anywhere, so many pages per refillable bottle. And I can work alongside it whilst the kids print to it too!

easy to check the ink levels as you can see what is going on

As the weather is so unpredictable in the UK, having access to the Internet and games makes it easy for us to print and play whenever we want. The Epson Kids Corner is full of crafts, colouring pages and activities to do together. We are loving making the animal cubes, it’s been great supporting learning about nets and 3D shapes.

screen shot showing Epson Kids Corner on the PC

Emergency Services Free Printable Guess Who Game

BUT, we’ve also got a game for you to play that is inspired by one of our favourite turn taking games Guess Who.

emergency worker printable guess who game being played by 2 kids

This version features tools, animals and people that help us in the community and when we are in need. From hospital workers to the firefighters.

Played just like guess who, you pick a card from the pack and then the opposite play asks simple questions that require a yes or no answer to guess what the object is.

playing the people who help us guess who game

What you need to play FREE Printable Emergency services Game for Kids

Prep Needed

  1. Download and print the game boards and cards for FREE from the Rainy Day Mum Store
  2. Laminate the 2 games boards
  3. Cut out the character cards for each player

How to Play Community Helpers Guess WHo

  1. Set up the game boards either side of a divider so the other player can’t see the board.
  2. Each player selects a card for the game.
  3. Taking turns they ask simple questions to narrow down who the other person has.
child ticking off the emergency services characters on a printable guess who game

The questions asked must have a yes or no answer.

The winner is the person to identify the others character first.

complete guess who printable game red won

More Key Worker and Emergency Services Activities for Kids

community helpers cards with magnetic letters for
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collage of a printable guess who game for kids featuring emergency services showing kids playing with text reading FREE printable Emergency Services Guess Who game for kids


  1. I love these. The kids would have a blast! I miss the excitement of new activities.

    1. Thank you 🙂 my 2 certainly did they loved playing a familiar game but with a difference

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