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FREE Printable Apple Tree Number Bonds to 5

Our red apple and green apple number bonds printable was such a hit we have created a small busy bag printable that you can use with buttons, counters, or pompoms to work on the number bonds further. These free printable apple number bond activity cards are ready for you to use.

Pinterest Image for an Activity on Apple Tree Number Bonds with examples of the free printables in use

Apple Number Bonds

Number bonds are one of the key number sense skills we like to work on as soon as our children have got the hang of single-digit addition. We start off with the number bonds to 5.

Working on single digit addition as well – check out our apple tree addition playdough mats that you can use alongside these number bond printables.

Working on addition – why not try our FREE Printable Apple Addition Playdough Mat to use with your preschoolers.

What is a number bond?

These number bonds make addition so much easier as the kids get older, if they know what the number bonds to 5 look like the any addition and subtraction they do if the numbers add together to 5 or subtract from 5 they can work on them quickly.

The same applies to 10. When we asked the older kids how they do sums, frequently they say we make it a 10 or 5 using the number bonds and then add on the rest.

Now Available in our store Apple Tree Number Bonds to 10 Printable Activity Cards

Just a quick remind the number bonds to 5 are as follows:

  • 0+5
  • 1+4
  • 2+3
  • 3+2
  • 4+1
  • 5+0

You will probably find that your children don’t originally understand that 1+4 is exactly the same as 4+1 as it’s written differently. Practising both is essential when you start to work on these with them.

Printing your Number Bond to 5 Apple Tree Counting Cards

You can print these number bond worksheets to use with your preschoolers and early primary kids either 1 per sheet or like we have 2 in a pack.

Apple tree number bond worksheets

Head over to our store where you will find these to add to your cart for free as well as many other print and play activities to do with your kids.

Once you have the apple number bonds sheets downloaded you will need to print them out.

If you plan to use them with playdough then we recommend laminating them.

Check out even more Apple Activities for Learning with Preschoolers here!

Storing your Printable Activity Sheets

We have included affiliate links to some of the products and resources as an associate we may earn from qualifying purchases.

To make it easier to store, we cut the boards around the border and then place in the laminating pouches. Leave enough room at one side so that you can hole punch or use some spring metal o rings to attach them together. These are the ones that we use.

Our playdough mats we store in a lever arch file. But as this is a set I like to use as a busy bag activity we store in a zip pocket with some pompoms as well.

Either way makes them reusable and easy to store so bring out again in the future.

How to Teach Number Bonds to 5 Using the Apple Printable

When we first introduce this activity we like to sit down and work through it with our children, after they are familiar it’s one that we can bring out and set up for them to use independently for learning during the day.

counting out pompoms for a simple number bond activity

Each of the apple printable sheets has 2 apple trees and then the number sentence with the full number bond below.

We start of giving our children all the information – the two numbers to add together and then the answer.

They count out the numbers on each of the apples below the trees and then add them together. This supports counting, addition and number bond practice.

number bonds to 5 apple tree printable

Once they are familiar with the activity and have started to grasp how it works we can switch it around a bit cover a number and ask for the answer.

Cover the answer first, then get them to place the apples on the tree and complete the sum below.

placing a pompom apple on the tree to complete the number bond sum

You can also cover one of the numbers and give them 5 apples to place on the trees and then get them to work out the missing number.

All of these activities repeated using the apple printable worksheets and other number bonds games and activities will help your children to develop number sense and support their journey in mathematics in the future.

Pinterest Number Bond FREE Printable image

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More Games and Activities for Learning Number Bonds

Number bonds are key to more complex addition and subtraction in mental maths that you children will discover in the future. Check out some of these games, activities and printables to use with your kids.

Work on reinforcing number bonds to 10 with this rainbow lacing activity including free printable lacing rainbow. Perfect for helping with number sense and mental arithmetic by getting hands-on learning of the basic number facts.
Simple to make maths centre activity inspired by the Dr Seuss book Fox in Socks. Create your own socks to work on number bonds to 10 by hanging them on the washing line. Full step-by-step instructions and extra ideas and resources included.
Valentines Times themed preschool maths activity. Match the pieces of the broken hearts together to form numbers bonds of 10
collage of the apple tree number bonds activity printable
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