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Floor Art – Rainy Day Activity

Even though summer is just around the corner there will be lots of summer showers and spending time indoors has to happen so this floor art is ideal for all kids big and small as a simple to set up Rainy Day Activity. I even joined in with T with this and then as an added bonus we used the art work as wrapping paper to wrap up Rainy Day Dad’s birthday present.

Floor Art for a Rainy Day

Materials Needed for Floor Art

Large sheets of paper – easel paper, old wall paper rolls or even wrapping paper that has become too crumpled to use
Art supplies – you could draw, colour, paint, print the options are endless we took the drawing and colouring approach

Setting up Floor Art

We set this up on our kitchen floor as it was a nice open area of space without any obstacles so our paper could be fairly large. Putting two lengths of paper from one end of the kitchen to the next (we used easel paper) I then put our Art Caddy in the middle and we both sat down to draw and colour.

Floor Art a rainy day activity

The lovely thing about this is that’s it’s the kind of rainy day activity that siblings of different ages could do together – each could have a separate piece of paper and lay together and do art together or like us you could get down on the floor and draw and colour with your child.

Rainy Day Activity - Floor Art

Working collaboratively older children could draw the outlines and younger children could colour in. Or you could use cut out and stick on. Imagine the possibilities that you could have.

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