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Fence Painting

Paint Fences mark marking in a grand scale
Fence Painting

A great summer activity that involves very little planning and is great for getting those muscles working and ready for writing – yes this is mark making on a large scale but even the big scale mark making works it’s way down into small skills. Easy to set up Fence Painting helps to entertain Toddler and Pre-schoolers as they can use their imagination as to what they are painting. Even better there is no mess everything dries and water is involved so you could end up with a clean fence as well.

What you need for Fence Painting

Some cheap large decorating brushes
Clothes suitable for getting wet in

How you make the fun happen for Fence Painting

I filled up a bucket with some water and handed J our new cheap large brush and expected him to go ahead and paint the fence – not thinking that in his just under 2 years of life he had never seen a fence painted. After realising this was the case I modelled how to paint the fence and then let J go to work.

Occasionally we would be brought the bucket and asked for more water or watch as it was tipped over him, the flowers but most importantly he had loads and loads of fun – and an added benefit our fence was washed. This has since become a regular activity and he now uses his water table instead of asking for water all the time.


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  3. emmysmummy says:

    Love it. Will have to do this

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