Collages are great for children to express their art with different media – today’s collage we’ve used dyed egg shells to create a textured collage that gives you an opportunity to talk about colours with your preschooler as you work together. To find out how to dye egg shells check out our previous post they are really easy and the colours are vibrant and fun.

Dyed Egg Shell Collage

Materials for Egg Shell Collage

Dyed Egg Shells
Glue – School Glue (PVA glue)

Creating Egg Shell Collages

I left this as a creative process art project for T (3 years old) rather than to create a specific piece of art work with her. There were a few techniques that we used whilst creating the project.

creating collages with preschoolers

I like mixing up how we apply the glue – recently we’ve been using a bottle to squeeze the glue onto pages but this time we used a glue spatula to apply the glue which let T work on the finger grip needed for holding a pencil to get the control needed to apply the glue around the page.

Creating collages from dyed egg shells

I had divided the egg shells up into co-ordinating coloured bowls and T pinched the egg shells and sprinkled them onto of the glue and spread them around.

Creating collages from dyed egg shells with preschoolers

Once she was happy she shook off the egg shells back into the bowl and then repeated the procedure with a different colour after applying more glue.

Dyed Egg Shell Collages

Of course this very soon evolved into all of the colours being applied at the same time and ending up mixed together in the bowls. But then the art work turned even more colourful as the colours became mixed together with no distinct areas of a specific colour.

This was really child led I watched took pictures and talked to T about the colours that she saw (our focus at the moment is learning colours) and she talked about her art work telling me about how bright, colourful, pretty, sharp, beautiful her picture was that she was making with the egg shells.

Creating collages from dyed egg shells

I love the effect this has created the textured colourful collage. We have done this as part of the Tinkerlab Creative Challenge for Kids April 2014 – with the focus Eggs.


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