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FREE Printable Egg and Chick Number Bond Puzzles

Puzzles are a fun way to get children hands-on with their learning, they are reusable and don’t usually take a lot of space to use and to store.

Where you have to match things then simple puzzles are a great way to get the children visualising and connecting.

So why not have a go at these Easter Number Activities for Kids with our Number Bond Egg and Chick Puzzles.

Hands-on spring activity for learning number bonds to 10. Download and print out these egg and chick hatching puzzle cards and learn, review and revise number bonds with this fun activity for maths.

These Egg and Chick Number Bonds to 10 puzzles that we’re sharing in collaborating with Mrs Mactivity are ideal for some Easter or Spring Themed Number Bond practice find more Easter Resources that you can subscribe to download over on her site.

Materials Needed for your Egg and Chick Number Bonds to 10 Printable Puzzles

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Number Bonds Hatching Chick Puzzles – download when you join our Hands-on Activities for Kids Newsletter

Printer – We use a Epson EcoTank here in the Rainy Day Mum House – check out why here!

Coloured Cardstock


Chenille Chicks

Prep Needed for your Number Bond Puzzles

Print out your Hatching Number Bond Eggs.

Cut out the eggs on the dashed line.

number puzzles ready to be cut up

Then follow the dashed line to separate the egg and the chick.

egg and chick matching number bonds free printable

If you print them out on white card your children may want to colour in the chicks and the eggs before they start to play.

Count out 10 of the little chicks this will be the counters to help your child in the early stages of learning their number bonds to figure out the answers.

Playing your Easter Number Bond Puzzle Game

Lay the eggs and chicks out mixed up.

Ask your child to pick an egg.

Lay out the chicks in 2 rows of 5.

using easter chicks to support learning of number bonds with free printable puzzles

Read the number aloud on the egg and then remove that number of chicks from your collection of 10.

number bond puzzles for easter

Now count out loud with your child the remaining chicks.

counting out the remainder of the chicks to make 10 in a simple hands-on number bond activity

Find the matching chick to complete you number puzzle.

egg and chick number bond puzzle pieces to print with easter chicks

Return the chicks to the set of 10 and continue playing – it’s an important point that with young children get them to work on 1+9=10 and 9+1=10 as initially they won’t understand that this is the same thing. Using the chicks counters makes it easy for children to see, do and remember these facts more than if they are taught to remember them by rote.

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  1. Thank you Rainy Day Mum we loved working with you on this, and great idea using the chicks for an extension activity too – genius! It’s so wonderful to see our resources in action, we couldn’t be happier!

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