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Easter Bonnet Ideas to Make with The Kids

Growing up every Easter there would be the Easter Hat Parade at school and church. I remember spending time with my mum and her craft supplies trying to create a bonnet in time. Glue everywhere, green tissue paper, yellow, pink and blue cardboard and cotton wool balls. Some chicks and some bunnies, a little fake Easter grass and soon I would be wearing the creation with pride hoping that I may win. But… I don’t think I ever did I really can’t remember, the time spent making them that is what I do remember. It’s a tradition that I loved and I’m looking forward to bring back with my kids so I’ve collected my favourite Easter Hats for Kids to make (with a little help from you).

A little girl wearing a diy easter bonnet with spring flowers, green tissue paper and easter eggs on.

Easy Easter Bonnet Ideas for Kids to Make

Get ready for your Easter Bonnet Parade with these easy ideas for Easter Sunday that you and your little ones can make together then these Diy Easter Hat Crafts are perfect. Just remember to measure your child’s head so that you get the right size.

If you are short on time or of need a last minute easy idea then this Bunny Ears Headband Hat from Michelle’s Party Plan-It is ideal, download follow the instructions and make. It will be ready before the school run in no time at all.

This on is fantastic if you have a little more time and don’t mind getting messy at all. This Paper Mache Spring Hats is the perfect DIY and with these easy to follow instructions from Buddy and Buggy perfect for making the weekend before Easter and wearing with pride. Once you have the hat shape made then decorate as you wish – I think I would add some little Easter chicks and nests to mine.

Another quick craft to make but would be great if your kid can be a little bit goofy this Funny Bunny Hat from Busy Bee Kids Crafts looks fun and won’t take much time at all to make.

Pinnable image of an easy easter bonnet

If you are feeling a little more creative or you have older children that like to create their own then this Springtime Easter Bonnets from Sun Hats and Wellie Boots is perfect – I love how they used still life inspiration to create it.

Easy craft this time some very simple Paper Rabbit Ears from Buzz Mills, I love the touch that makes them a little more comfortable for the kids to wear perfect for heading off for an Easter Egg Hunt somewhere with them.

Get ready for the Easter hat parade this year with these simple Easter Hats and Bonnets that you and your kids can make together. From simple last minute ideas to more elaborate creations.

I love this Bunny Mask for Kids from Planning Play Time as an Easter Hat idea, I just love the whiskers but even better would be to use it as a photo prop for some fun Easter pictures when the family get together just add a carrot and it would be complete.

I love this simple idea for an Easter Bonnet from Who’s the Mummy, the little chicks are the perfect addition to the hat.

Collect those Plastic Easter Eggs and use some of them for the egg hunt the rest save for these Easter Egg Crowns from Alpha Mom. I love that there are 2 different ideas I can see my eldest who can be a bit of a joker wearing the second version.

Pinterest collage with ideas for Easter hats for Kids to Make

This is sticking with the more traditional hats that my mum and I used to make a really simple Easy Easter Bonnet from Mummy, Mummy, Mum!

Looking for more of a group Easter Party Hat craft to make and get the kids to wear then these Easter Party Hats by Lia Griffith are perfect – you can print and make as many as you need to and everyone from friends and family can wear them this year.

How about something a little different this Carrot Hat from Childhood 101 looks fun and simple to make I’m sure even your little ones will enjoy giving it a go.

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Easter Hat Making Supplies you Should Stock Up On

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When I’m in a rush I like to start with a basic straw hat – they are easy to attach items to with some florist wire you can use a hot glue gun and quickly create one.

If you are a little more creative, get some craft paper, glue sticks, scissors and the supplies above and you will be well on your way to getting really creative with your Easter Hats this year.

More Easter Ideas for Families and Kids

Pinterest image for easy Easter Hats for Kids to make, from simple bonnets to bunny years and more

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