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Doug the Bug that went Boing – craft and game

It’s our second week of Story Book Summer today and this week we’re sharing bugs and mini-beasts with some fun classic and new books to bring them alive and get kids loving literacy. Today for the first of our bug books exploring the Micro-world I’m handing over to Helen of Peakle Pie to share a fun simple craft and game for the book Doug the Bug that went Boing![affiliate link] by Sandra Hendra. So here’s over to Helen.

Doug the Bug Game and Craft for preschoolers, storybook summer bringing books alive with activities for kids

We are excited to be sharing one of our favourite books today as part of Story Book Summer with Rainy Day Mum.  Doug the Bug that went Boing![affiliate link] is written by Sue Hendra and is a lovely tale about Doug and his friend Trevor.

After a minor disagreement Doug ends up being trapped in a house and a friendly fly tries to help him escape.  Unfortunately Doug is too heavy for the fly and ends up going ‘BOING’ around the room.  Finally he escapes back to the garden and Trevor with his new friend!

This book is bright and bold and is a great story showing that friends can fall out and can be friends again too.  The lovely funny illustrations make it a great story of kids to read and also makes adults smile as well.

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Making Doug the Bug and Trevor too!

Peakles loves crafting and we have lots of googly eyes and miniature felt pompoms in our craft draw.  We decided to make some Doug the Bugs (and Trevor too) by sticking some eyes on the pompoms with glue.  Peakles also made a spider to chase Doug with by adding some pipe cleaner legs to a pompom.

If you do not have any pompoms then you could use a ball, some paper towel scrunched up into a ball shape or an old pair of socks that have been folded into a ball shape.  Once you have a ball shape you can stick on the googly eyes.  If you don’t have googly eyes then use round white stickers or round pieces of paper as eyes, remember to add some pupils with some black pen or crayon!

Doug the Bug Game

Doug the Bug Game and Craft for preschoolers, storybook summer bringing books alive with activities for kids

This is a simple game for all ages and can be played inside or outside and is great fun!

Take a roll of  paper or wallpaper and using a large bowl or dinner plate draw some circles on the paper.  In each circle tick a picture or draw the different things that Doug bounced off during his escape, including a spider’s web, a cake and a cooked breakfast!  Finally you need to draw a flower at one end of the paper.

The object of the game is to help the bugs escape!  Each person takes a pompom Doug (or Trevor!) and throws it at one of circles.  Take turns and keep doing this until you land in the circle.  When you do land in the circle you have to shout “BOING”.  You keep doing this until you have landed in all the circles.  The winner is the person who manages to land in all the circles and finally lands back home on the paper flower in the garden!

This is a great game to help children take turns and play together.  Have the book to hand and you can reinforce the message that friends can fall out at times and can still be friends too.

Doug and Trevor’s Boing Boing Game

This is a simple game for one or more people using flat round counters or tiddlywinks and is best played on a flat surface.

You will need at least three counters to represent Doug, Trevor and the Fly, a dice and a paper cup with HOME written on it.

Place the paper cup at one end of the flat surface.  Line the Doug and Trevor counters opposite the cup but at least four large strides away from it.

Taking the ‘fly’ counter press down on the edge of the Doug or Trevor counter.  This will cause the counter to BOING forwards.  Each person tries to get their Doug and Trevor counters into the paper cup as quickly as possible.

The winner is the person who gets Doug and Trevor HOME first

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Peakles & HelenHello!  I’m Helen, Mum to Peakles my five year old daughter.  Peakles and I have been crafting, learning, playing for many years and I write about it on our blog called Peakle Pie.  We love playing and we love creating things from the books that have inspired us!

I try to maintain that ‘hands on’ feel with our site and Peakles is involved with every craft and activity featured.

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