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DIY Dancing Bells

With all my dancing posts and getting moving when I received a package from Rainbow Creations in the mail and it included some bells and ribbon in I knew exactly what I wanted to make for J and T – some Dancing bells.

Dancing bells for toddlers and preschoolers

I had seen a knitted ankle posted on MiniEco and a sewed version on Skip to my Lou and had some hook and eye in my stash so I set about making some dancing bells for J and T to wear.

Dancing Bells

What you need to make the DIY Dancing Bells

Hook and Eye

How to make DIY Dancing Bells

  1. Cut the ribbon to a suitable length – I gave myself extra length for each section but out of the strip I have made 3 sets of dancing bells.
  2. Arrange the bells in an order – the bells mustn’t be touching (if they touch then they don’t seem to make a noise)
  3. With each bell I placed it on the ribbon and sewed it in place (in the pictures I’m using a white thread to make it easy to see but with the other sets of dancing bells I have used a brown thread to match the ribbon.
  4. Sewing on a bell onto the ribbon
  5. I must say now my hand sewing isn’t very neat at all – but if you were to use a co-ordinated thread then it wouldn’t matter as it would be hidden in the ribbon.
  6. Once I had 3 bells in place I attached the hook and eye to the smallest end of the ribbon by sewing it in place – To attach it I placed the rough hard edge on the end of the ribbon on the opposite side as the bells.
  7. attaching velcro to the ribbon
  8. Once attached I went and measured it around J and T’s ankles and marked where the soft part of the hook and eye needed to go – because they are very similar in size there wasn’t much difference in size between then and I was able to use the same size for both to use.
  9. I placed the soft side of the hook and eye on the same side as the bells and then sewed it into place. I cut off excess ribbon.
  10. Then we danced

Dancing BellsOn the wrist they are a little bit big but it makes them easier to jingle.

Ankle BellsIf you would like some ideas of songs to use check out our 10 Songs to get Kids Moving and for even more inspiration our back to Basics this week was D is for Dance.

Disclaimer – I received the bells and ribbon from Creative Rainbow to review but the thoughts and instructions are all my own opinions



  1. What a great way to get kids moving with music. I can just imagine them dancing around with those adorable bells on their feet. Wonderful!

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