It’s summer readathon with MeMeTales and PBS book time and J and I have been reading about Character Building this week. Character Building is something that as parents and careers is something that we do every day with our children but introducing books about different topics can really help.

There are 3 books this week – Ditto the Butterfly, Stick Figgy and the Piggy Monkey and Good Habits to Have. If you check back tomorrow I will have some free printable reward charts for Good Habits to Have that you can download with ideas to use them with based on the Habits in the book. But today J and I have been reading Ditto the Butterfly.

Like Ditto – J will only eat certain things – for breakfast he eats – Toast with Jello and a banana, at lunch – a cheese spread sandwich, a banana and a yogurt and dinner – either fish finger chips and peas or pasta (plain but will eat peas with them). Which means much like Ditto’s Mummy in the book I am worried about what he eats. Over the last few weeks we have been working with J to get him to try new things and extend what he eats.

summer readathon 2012

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Sandwich fun for picky eatters and J has been making his own sandwiches every other day since then at lunch time I set up a make your own sandwich station and he will set about his making sandwiches and then to my surprise will eat them. So far he’s eatting Nutella on his toast in the morning and honey, at lunch he will now have ham, tomatoes, shreaded chicken and cucumber (all of which he will only eat when he makes the sandwich himself).

At dinner time – we have been getting crafty with our dinner (not in the artistic sense of crafty – well not 100%). He would only eat plain pasta which meant that my exploits of hiding vegetables in our pasta sauce was not working so this week J and I “painted” his pasta with red edible paint and he quite happily ate it…

My edible paint – a jar of pasta sauce that I had blitzed so that it was fairly smooth paint like consitency we painted our pasta with and then he ate it – SUCCESS.

He also loves yogurt and for some reason will eat anything with yogurt – beans and yogurt – chicken and yogurt! So we are including a small pot of plain yogurt with meals that he can dip his food into to eat.

One of my next tries is Muffin Tin Meals – I’ve been looking with interest at JDaniel4’s Mom’s posts ever Monday and think this is perfect for getting him to eat new foods – we’re going to do it at a weekend when Rainy Day Dad is around and try new foods together (Rainy Day Dad is also a very picky eatter) – for more information about Muffin Tin Meals see here.

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