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FREE Printable Baby Dinosaur Hatching Egg Letter Game for Preschoolers

We’re back with a fun FREE printable Letter game for your preschoolers this week to go along with our Rainy Day Tots theme this week.

Our theme is all about Dinosaurs and we have some fun prehistoric crafts and activities for your toddlers and preschoolers to do.

This simple printable upper and lower case letter matching hatching baby dinosaur game is a fun way to get your little ones recognising and pairing their letters together.

FREE Printable Dinosaur Letter Game on Rainy Day Mum

Our Dinosaur Book for your Preschoolers

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Each Rainy Day Tot theme we have a featured book we like to recommend.

The pick of our favourite dinosaur books for toddlers and preschoolers is the funny Dinosaurs Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort.

Find out why we have picked Dinosaurs Love Underpants and how it’s great for you and your tots to read together.

Dinosaur Game for Preschoolers

We love playing whilst we learn and games are a fun way that you and your preschool can sit down together and focus on an activity.

pointing out a lower case a on a dino baby with this letter game for preschoolers

Matching upper and lower case letters is a skill that they will need to develop over the next couple of years.

A few letters are easy to identify – c and s for example whereas others are very different.

With this dinosaur game, we have created matching pairs of eggs and dino babies that have hatched from the eggs.

If you scroll down we have an extension activity whereby you can continue using it once the basics have been covered with a cracking egg dino baby game.

Preschool printables dinosaur letter matching game

Materials Needed for Dinosaur Upper and Lower Case Letter Hatch Game

Sample pictures of just 3 of the printable dinosaur activities and games available on the rainy day mum printable store.

Prep Needed for Dinosaur Letter Match Game

  1. Print out the dinosaurs and Eggs onto card stock.
  2. Then cut out the dinosaurs and the eggs. I leave a little white edge around the dinosaurs otherwise, they are quite fiddly especially the T-Rex arms.

You may want to laminate them if you are going to be using them frequently.

Download this dinosaur learning game to work on matching of upper and lower case letters. Find the egg that the dino baby hatched from and match them up.

Playing the Dinosaur Learning Game

  1. Layout the dinosaurs that have hatched from the eggs on a flat surface and the eggs.
  2. You can then choose whether you would like your child to identify the lower case letters on the dinosaurs or the Upper Case letters on the Eggs first. We choose the lower case as this is what we have been focusing on as capital letters come afterwards in the curriculum in the UK.
  3. Now ask them to say the letter name, or the letter sound I like mixing it up with what sound does that letter make – this will help with beginning reading. Or ask them to name the letter instead depending on what you have worked with before.
  4. They can now match up the baby dinosaur with the egg that it has come from.
match upper and lowercase b with a dinosaur game for preschoolers
upper case eggs with their matching hatched lower case dinosaur babies in this preschool game for learning

Extention Idea for Dino Babies Letter Game

matching baby dinosaurs to the cracked eggs that they came fro

As an extension we decided to crack the eggs and build the Upper Case letters back together and then

dino baby hatching letter game for preschoolers

Cut the letters so that you have two halves of the eggs and now you can get your child to match up the egg halves, then to find the dinosaur that hatched from the egg.

cracking eggs an extension activtity for the dino baby printable letter game for preschoolers

More Dinosaur Activities for Hands-ON Learning

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Dinosaur Baby Letter Game for Preschoolers


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