So sorry about the delay in getting Day 4 of the 30 days of Hands on Play up – I’ve had server issues, screen free days and not feeling a 100%. But we’re back and here’s day 4 -here’s today’s mission

Today’s Challenge: Pretend Islands

Can’t wait to see what becomes islands in your house, or how you stay out of the water today! Or maybe it won’t be water at all! Lava anyone?

When we did this back in the autumn – J was too young to understand what we were doing instead we went with the flow and played at boats a favourite past time of ours. This time however whilst J and T were having lunch I threw some cushions on the floor and told them we were going to play islands.

playing islands
J standing on an island out of the sea

As soon as we got into the lounge I explained that the cushions were islands and the carpet was the sea and we had to go from island to island as much as we could. J jumped straight on an island and started to walk over them trying to avoid getting his feet wet as much as he could.

Jumping on pretend islands
J jumped from island to island

It was so great to see him jump from island to island – it’s a very new skill for him – he’s been behind on gross motor since he was little and only in the past week has he been able to jump properly. Sorry about the picture quality I was trying to capture the pictures without him noticing. It didn’t always work and he noticed the camera on the next picture so posed for it.

Toddler posing for camera
J’s pose for the camera whilst playing islands

He then decided it would be much more fun to leave the islands and join the sea creatures in the water and proceeded to splash around in the sea of the carpet.

Splashing in the pretend sea
J splashing in the sea between the islands

I would love for you to share with us if you are joining in on the 30 days to hands on play and let us know how it is going. Please leave a comment in the box below or a message on our facebook wall.


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