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Imaginative Play – Host a Tea Party

It’s day 21 of 30 days to hands on play and it’s the weekend so Rainy Day Dad and J had some fun together whilst T and I took on today’s challenge

Today’s Challenge: Have a Party!

T turned 14 months this week so we had a little tea party to celebrate, we got our free gift from her magazine this week and sat together pouring each other tea. It is the first time we’ve played at tea parties but I can see it becoming a favourite of T’s as since we came in from the garden we’ve played it again and I’ve been served cups of tea and cake as well.

tea party play
T and I having our tea party

It started off with T and I having a tea party but her rag doll was quickly brought in to the action and T fed her a cup of tea.

giving doll some tea imaginative play
T giving her doll some tea

Our dog even got brought into the tea party and was offered a cuppa as well.

Imaginative play
Giving our dog (whose yawning in the picture sorry) some tea

Although I get to play with T often this is the first time that I have understood what we are playing, it seems she’s suddenly grown up and her play is making sense to me. I guess she’s really a toddler now and no longer a baby.


  1. I loved watching my son begin imaginary play with has animals, too! That is so cute that T was sharing her tea with the doggy! How generous. πŸ™‚

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