It’s Day 10 of the 30 days of hands on play and that means that we are already one-third of the way through it. I’m having so much fun.

Today’s Challenge: Mixing Concoctionsย and join in with your experiments!

Now I’ve been so looking forward to this – I’ve had baking soda and vinegar in the cupboard ready for this challenge since I decided to go through the challenges again… and what happens – THE SUN COMES OUT. Now to most people this wouldn’t seem to be a big deal but it has rained solidly from the 5th April till today. So I scrapped that concoction and thought back to what J enjoyed in the summer – we did potions and concoctions then – maybe I could recreate that this time. But J, T and their cousin Z had very different ideas.

making mud and sand pies
J, T and Z playing mixing sand, water, stones and mud together

Our Mixing Concoctions turned into a fun day spent mixing sand, water, stones and mud playing outside in the sun. Nana, Auntie A and myself played shops, in the sand pit, water table, mixed the sand into the water in the table (ohhhh I had to sit on my hands and not say anything it was very difficult) but it was fun.

I am finding that the 15 mins is extending and it turns into half an hour, an hour and more very easily and easier each day as well.

Cerys Parker

Cerys is a marine biologist, environmental educator, teacher, mum, and home educator from the UK. She loves getting creative, whether it is with simple and easy crafts and ideas, activities to make learning fun, or delicious recipes that you and your kids can cook together you'll find them all shared here on Rainy Day Mum.


  1. Aaah that really does look like a fun day!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I had to get baking soda and vinegar out to clean the floor.. not so fun.. but still interesting ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa

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