Once upon a time date nights for my husband and I used to consist of a lovely meal in a nice restaurant followed by a cinema outing and more. But, that stopped soon after having kids. For us, one of the biggest problems was that our families live far away. At least 2 hrs drive for our parents and an 8hr+ flight for my brother. So our solution Date Nights at Home! One of our favourites is to snuggle down with a good movie and Netflix has some classics that we love to watch. So we’ve put together what we consider the best Date Night Movie Ideas from Netflix for you and your other half to watch together perfect for parents to enjoy a Date Night at Home.

Snuggle up on the sofa for a romantic night at home and pick from these Best Movies to watch together on your Date Night at Home

Great Classic Date Night Movies on Netflix

My disclaimer here is that these are movies that both my husband and I like. As he tends to just watch Sci-Fi (if it’s got Star and Wars in it all the better) it can be a challenge finding ones that he likes. But these are ones that we can agree on. So here goes our Date Night Selection of Classic Movies.

Notting Hill

I love this movie, I remember watching it for the first time as a teen and like Love Actually and Four Weddings and a Funeral it’s become one of my favourite British Romantic Comedies to watch.

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Not everyone’s favourite but my husband and I agree that it’s worth sitting down for a long evening in snuggled up on the sofa and watching it. We’ve watched it so many times that Netflix now makes suggestions for us based on this film.

Snuggle up on the sofa and watch our pick of the best Date Night Movies on Netflix with your loved one
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When Harry Met Sally

It’s a classic and we love enjoying this together. I only got my husband to watch it for the first time due to having Carrie Fisher in it. But now, if there is nothing much else to watch and I’ve put my foot down at watching Star Wars for the 1000th time he’s happy to watch it with me.

Some Like It Hot

It’s old, it’s funny and it’s a classic. With laughs a minute it’s great for when you want something fun to watch together.

The Thomas Crown Affair

Not everyone’s cup of tea and some may look at it and disagree completely but I really like it. I love the bit of action with some romance as does my husband.

Fun and easy watching date night at home movie recommendation on Netflix
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Romancing the Stone

Yes, it’s corny but we like it. With laughs, romance and action it’s an easy watch that doesn’t take too much effort to focus on. Ideal after a long week at work when you want a Movie Date Night at home but don’t want to tax the brain any further.

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