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Cotton Ball Snowman – Winter Craft for Toddlers

Winter is finally here and snow is featuring heavily in our play. This is an old but classic toddler craft for you to do Cotton Ball Snowman. The Cotton Balls give a great sensory element to the craft and it’s great to see and hear your toddler experiment with putting the cotton ball snowman together..

What you need to make cotton ball snowman

A sheet of white card
Craft Foam
Cotton Wool Balls
PVA (school/white) glue
Googley Eyes
Black Paint

We also used some left over Christmas foam stickers  to decorate the snowmen

How you make cotton ball snowman

J really wanted to help from the start with making the snowmen (he’s a bit obsessed and as typical English Winter we’ve had about 10 snow flakes so far so making snowmen out of anything and everything is our big thing at the moment) so we used two different sized bowls and he drew around them and then I drew around them and cut them out.

Toddler Winter Craft Cotton Ball Snowmen

He then painted the snow men with the glue and stuck the cotton wool balls to it. He wasn’t overly keen on this and got really frustrated having cotton wool on his fingers so I had to keep wiping them. Then had his new favourite crafting phrase “Let it dry” and I had to hang them up on my drying rack to dry.

Winter craft for toddlers

When they were dry I cut out some hat shapes for him to add to his snowmen (well was instructed 2 hats and one bow for his Little Sister T) and he added some foam stickers to them to decorate and then glued them to the snowmen’s heads.

He then added googley Eyes and we got out some black paint and he painted some buttons onto the snowman’s bodies after we had looked at a snowman picture in a book and saw that they had buttons on their body.

snowmen craft for kids

This was great fun to make and although we made them over 2 days because of the glue drying you could make them in the morning and paint in the afternoon.

cotton ball snowmen toddler craft


Snowman Craft for Toddlers


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  2. I do really like the bow in the lady snowman’s hair πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  3. lovely idea – nothing quite like toddlers, cotton wool and PVA glue! I bet they had fun

  4. How cute that all your snowmen are different.. I think I like Mummy best πŸ˜‰

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


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