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Cork Printed Flower Tote Bag – Creative Gift for Mums

Sometimes I see activities on other blogs and I love what they have created and instantly think of an adaptation to the craft or activity that solves a problem that I have or I am so inspired I have to do. This happened last week when Jackie from Happy Hooligans linked up her Cork and Button Print Flowers on our Rainy Day Mum Facebook Page I was inspired to create a gift for my Mum with the kids based around the idea with a little variation to it.

Cork Printed Tote Bag for Kids to Make for Mothers Day

Our adaptation is a shopping bag using the cork printing and buttons flowers on here.

Materials needed for a Cork Printed Flower Tote Bag

Shopping Bag/Tote Bag
Fabric Paints
Fabric Pens
Piece of old card to place inside the bag to stop the paint going through to the other side
Needle and white cotton

How to make a Printed Shopping Bag

Start off by deciding where you will place your flowers on the bag and how many and place a button in each place – carefully mark through the button holes with a pencil so you can easily replace them to sew them into place.

A mothers day gift made by all of the family

I sewed on each button to the bag as neither of my children are at that stage with sewing yet – however this is a family project so with older children they will be able to sew on the buttons themselves or help younger children to do it.

Printed tote bag for kids to make for mothers day

Place the old card inside the bag to prevent the paint and pens from going through to the other side. Using a paper plate we place a spoon of fabric paint from each of our chosen colours to make our flowers and used the cork to print the petals around each button.

Printed flower tote bag for kids to make for mothers day

We then decided to add an extra cork printed feature and used the cork to print out a butterfly made with 4 circles printed for the wings and then used a fabric pen to add in antennae to complete it.

Mothers day gift for kids to make

I added in some little extra features using our fabric pens – stems for the flowers and leaves going to the bottom of the bag and also a little bee buzzing around.



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