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Confetti Rainbow Picture for Kids to Make at Home

Rainbows brighten even the darkest of days and this easy rainbow craft is great for kids of all ages to do at home.

Made with coloured paper and glue you don’t need many supplies and the kids will love to help make their own confetti too.

You can even have different ages working together to create this pretty rainbow picture.

So here you go our Simple Easy to Do Rainbow Confetti Collage for kids to make.

kids arts and crafts confetti rainbow picture to make at home

Confetti Rainbow Picture

We were inspired to try this technique by the Confetti Collage post by Picklebum.

With hole punch at the ready and our coloured paper we set to work making this fun and simple Rainbow that we can add to our window to share with others.

Materials for Confetti Rainbow Picture

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet Paper
Hole Punch
7 Cups or Bowls
Kitchen Paper
Black Marker
Blue Construction Card

So quick and easy to make this rainbow on a stick with marshmallow cloud snack is perfect for little hands to do as well and makes a tasty treat after this craft!

How to make the Confetti Rainbow Picture

Creation Station for Creating a Confetti Rainbow Picture

I started off by cutting up the sheets of paper into individual strips that would allow the most amount of confetti to be hole punched out of as possible and placed each into one of the cups and set up a Creation Station for T to get busy.

I showed T how to use the hole punch as it’s the first time she had used it and myself and husband helped her punch more out as well (it’s a good idea to check out how easy your hole punch is to use especially when using with preschoolers).

Hole punching to make a confetti rainbow picture

Tackling each colour separately we punched and then placed all of the confetti produced into the cup and stored it away so that it wouldn’t easily tip out (yes we had found out that and I spent ages picking up small circles off the floor.

With all confetti made I drew a rainbow shape on some blue construction card and then T used some glue to fill in the first band of the rainbow and the tipped the red confetti onto the rainbow and moved the confetti into place.

Confetti Rainbow Picture

Once the glue was covered she repeated each arc of the rainbow with the next colour.

Confetti Rainbow Picture

To create the clouds at the end of the rainbow we took a sheet of kitchen paper screwed it up and then glued it at the bottom of the rainbow.

Confetti Rainbow Picture

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  1. Elitsa Doncheva says:

    This looks fantastic! I can’t wait to try it with my kids! Thank you!

  2. Me & my niece just did this craft, but did change it up a little to make it our own. I used a flower punch to make the confetti and then cotton ball for the clouds instead of paper. Had a blast!! Wanted to post u a pic but didnt see a way to on here so you can come to my FB if you like.


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