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Emergency Services Key Workers Roll and Cover Game

Dice are one of our favourite learning resources, from the chalkboard dice that we made to work on different areas of learning to using them in DIY Maths games like the frog game.

This community helpers maths game focuses on our Emergency Service Workers and lets you and your preschooler and older toddler work on numbers 1 to 6 or 0 – 9 depending on the dice you have to use.

So here you go a simple roll and cover maths game for people who help us featuring a fire fighter and police worker.

printable maths games community helpers theme for tots

Community Helpers Maths Game

Playing is one of our favourite ways to learn and roll and cover games are easy for you to play with your child or them to play independently when you need some time.

playing a diy maths game using dice and buttons for counters

Like our Clip and Count Cards the roll and cover games can be used in a simple maths centre with an individual child, on a tray so that they can come and use during a set maths time or played at the table as a game with you.

We use buttons from our button box as counters and then have a selection of different sided dice that we use.

police roll and cover game with a 10 sided dice

We have included affiliate links to some of the products and resources as an associate we may earn from qualifying purchases.

The set featured above is the one that we have for our learning at home.

We bought a set with different colours this means that we can use 2 of the same sided dice to work on multiplication with our older children as well as simple dice games like this one with our preschoolers.

Why not do some firefighter crafts and activities for preschoolers once you finish playing this game.

Print and Play People who help us Maths Game

Materials Needed to Play

Roll and cover Emergency worker cards

Printer (see the Epson EcoTank ET-7700 we use in the Rainy Day House)

Card or strong weight paper

Laminator (optional)

1 6-sided and 1 10-sided die to play

Buttons or similar counters to cover the numbers

How to Play your Emergency Services Maths Game

Once you have printed it’s time to play and this is really easy.

Single Player

If you are setting this up for a maths centre then first pick the numbers that your child is working on 1 to 6 or 0 – 9.

numbers 1 to 6 roll and cover game for single player

Lay out with the key worker, relevant dice and some buttons to use as counters.

Now let your child roll the dice and cover the matching number.

Try and cover all the numbers as quickly as possible and then use the extension idea below to work on other skills with those same game boards.

Extension: You could use dice with dots or with numbers to match. Or even use the chalk board dice (from the link in the first paragraph) and place the number names on them for older preschoolers learning to read their numbers as well.

Multi Player

Similar idea but you need to use different coloured counters for each player.

covering the numbers for a people who help us DIY maths game to play together

Then roll the dice, take turns and cover.

The winner is the one who can cover the most numbers.

fire fighter print and play maths game for tot school and preschool at home

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People who help us Roll and Cover Games


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