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Christmas Tree Decorations to Make with Kids

In a dream long ago I had visions of a beautifully decorated colour co-ordinated Christmas Tree, probably in silver and purple or maybe red and green. But, now as a parent, I love the fact that my Christmas Tree is decorated in mementos from trips, handmade ornaments by my family and in the last few years with ornaments that the children and I have made together. Today I have the pleasure of Maggy from Red Ted Art sharing some of her favourite Christmas Tree Decorations to Make with the Kids from her own site and don’t miss out on getting her Christmas Ornaments book with the link in the middle of the post. I love it!

Christmas Tree Decorations to make that you will love to decorate your tree with year after year

Hello! It has been a while since I have guest posted here on Rainy Day Mum and it is lovely to be back and talk you about crafts that I am passionate about: DIY Christmas Ornaments!! I simply adore making ornaments with the kids – they are fun, make wonderful gifts for friends and family (and teachers!!) AND make great keepsakes. Each year our collection grows and our Christmas tree is filled with memories. I also like that ornaments tend to be “small” so they are a great seasonal craft that you can make keep and actually STORE well!!

Crafty Christmas Tree Decorations to Make with Kids

So here are some of my favourite ideas!

  1. First up we have these super duper cute Reindeer Corks. It literally takes 3 minutes to make these cute little rudolphs and they would be a great little selling item at the school Christmas fair (be sure to start saving some corks now!!).  If like me you never have wine with corks then you can buy a bag of corks to use to make decorations with
  2. A childhood classic for sure is working with salt dough – so simple, so versatile, we made classic Salt dough Hearts added Button and even incorporated our beach finds in our Christmas Trees! Don’t have any sea glass but love the look of those trees then you can buy Sea Glass from Etsy like we have in the past.
  3. Rainbow Snowmen Corks but also do check out are cute as pie Cork Penguin Ornaments!
  4. Teach the kids the basics of sewing with these vibrant Felt Button Stars! Love the clever use of cookie cutters to make these! Get your Star shaped Cookie Cutters here.
  5. Lost some puzzle pieces.. wait, don’t through the puzzle out, turn it into a Snowflake Ornament! The Snowflake ornaments would look great both on a tree, or strung up as a garland, don’t you think?
  6. We only made these for the first time last year, but already these Paper Fan Angels are one of my favourite Christmas Tree Decorations!
  7. And we do always ADORE some DIY dried Orange Slices!
  8. Finally – an edible one – have you tried making our own Peppermint Candy Ornaments? Easy fun and you can shape them whichever way you want!


As a little extra, we also have these fabulous 3D Paper Angel Printable and these clever Christmas Paper Toys. Print, colour, assemble!!

I do hope you have enjoyed this small selection of Christmas Ornaments and that you will have a go this season!! Thanks for having me and hopefully see you over on Red Ted Art very soon!

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Christmas Tree Decorations to make that you will love to decorate your tree with year after year

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Christmas Tree Decorations to make that you will love to decorate your tree with year after year

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