Christmas Playdough

Playdough is such an great activity in our kids – I keep a box available at all times with different tools and things that J and T can play with when they want and know that when I get it out that means that I have time to clean, tidy, have a cup of coffee (OK maybe not that last one as they seem to have a mummy wants a coffee sensor). We’ve got festive with our playdough this year and made up 2 different batches that just scream Christmas from the second you open the bags (I store our homemade playdough in resealable sandwich bags).

Christmas playdough recipes

Gingerbread Playdough

First off is some delicious gingerbread playdough – I’ve made some gingerbread cookies with J and T and at the same time we mixed up a batch of gingerbread playdough to recreate some Christmas fun.

What you need to make Gingerbread Playdough

Basic Playdough Recipe
Ground Cinamon
Ground Ginger

Gingerbread playdough Fun

We mixed up a batch of the playdough as per the Instructions – but added to the flour a good heaped teaspoon of Ground Cinnamon and Ground Ginger and then mixed up to a smooth pliable dough.

toddler playdough play

Setting up the table with some cookie cutters and odds and ends from our craft boxes I left J and T to get “baking”.

gingerbread playdough

It’s been set up since 1st December and whilst we’ve been reading our Jan Brett Book Gingerbread Friends we’ve gone and made gingerbread friends for the Gingerbread Baby.

playdough tea party

T has also invited her dolls for a tea party making gingerbread cookies for them from the playdough and the two of us sharing them with the dolls.

Out Now! – Countdown to Christmas Ebook

When life gets hectic in the lead up to Christmas wouldn’t it be great to be able to spend a little time with the family creating gifts for others, food to enjoy together and traditions that make magical Christmas Memories?

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Christmas Cake Playdough

Now I’m putting my hands up and saying my “homemade” Christmas Cake this year was indeed made at home – however the ingredients came in a box and I just added a few bits and then baked it myself – time just seems to have run away with me this year. So whilst I was making up my Christmas Cake I looked through my Spices and put together some Christmas Cake Playdough for J and T to play with.

Recipe for Christmas Cake Playdough

Basic No Cook Playdough Recipe from The Imagination Tree
Ground Cinnamon
Ground Ginger
Ground Cloves
Ground All Spice
Orange Flavouring
Ground Star Annis – well these were what I had in my cupboard but just add anything that makes you think of Christmas

How to have fun with Christmas Cake Playdough

I mixed up the playdough and then left it on the table for J and T to play with – let me tell you just having it out the smell released is amazing and fills the house with Christmas smells.

Christmas cake playdough

Our current favourite is to make mini Christmas cakes with it using the inside of a cake box J will roll the dough into balls and then fill up the tray and add extras as he wants.

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