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Chalkboard emotions – Virtual Book Club for Kids Jez Alborough’s Hug

This month’s Virtual Book Club for Kids author is Jez Alborough – unlike many of the Virtual Book Club for Kids author’s Jez Alborough is one that we have in our collection at home. Hug is one of T’s favourite books and gets brought out time and time again to read and look at the fantastic illustrations.

Chalk Board Emotion

We spend a lot of time reading the book and talking about the emotions displayed by the little chimp and how he feels, we’ve also used a mirror similar to our Mr Men Mirror faces to look at how the emotions look at our own face and recognise them on others faces. Taking these emotions we decided to get creative at the chalk board creating some emotions and then working on some pre-writing and fine motor skills tracing over the emotions that I had drawn.

Jez Alborough's Hug - looking at emotions on the chalkboard

Starting off with a very simple face drawn on the board with it’s mouth missing and then reading the book and looking at the emotions in the book I drew the emotions. Using some water and a paint brush T drew over the emotion after she had identified it practicing fine motor control tracing the shape of the mouth.

Tracing emotions on the chalkboard

We covered – happy, surprised and sad faces the most common ones that T knows and easy to draw for me as well.

sad face - tracining emotions on the chalkboard

Of course with a 2 year old after a little while it turned into painting the whole chalkboard with water – but as a bonus we now have a very clean chalkboard and I’ve been asked again if I would please draw Hug faces on the board for her to clean away.

fine motor work - tracing emotions

The Virtual Book Club for Kids is brough to you by over 20 bloggers sharing ideas each month to bring books by a specific author alive with your children from toddlers up. This months author is Jez Alborough and you can check out which books are being covered as well as the books that they have chosen on the following blogs

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