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FREE Printable Valentine’s Number Bond Game

Looking for some fun Valentine’s themed number activities for your kids then this FREE Printable Number Bond Game is ideal. Simple to set up and will help to secure the knowledge of number bonds that are essential for a good foundation in mathematical ability later on. So here you go our Valentine’s Day Printable Number Bond Game for Kids.

a heart shaped number puzzle on a wooden table. The puzzle reads 2 on one side and 8 on the other forming the number bond to 10. Around the larger heart puzzle in the centre are smaller hearts used as counters.

What are Number Bonds

Number bonds are such a useful tool in a child’s maths toolbox, knowing which two numbers bond together to form a second number helps them when working with units, tens and even hundreds can support addition and subtraction too.

Pinterest image of a number bond printed game for kids in the form of hearts. The number 2 is on one piece of the heart the number 8 on the other. Text on the image reads Free Printable Valentine's Number Bond Game rainydaymum.co.uk

When introducing number bonds to children start with your number bonds to 5, then work to 10 and eventually when they are secure in the knowledge of 10 start to work to 20.

These simple foundations in mathematical knowledge will help speed up the acquisition of number skills later down the line.

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Materials Needed for Broken Hearts Number Bonds

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matching number bonds on broken hearts printed out at home on a wooden floor. The numbers 2 and 8 are on separate pieces of the hearts and around them are other hearts with different numbers on.

Broken Hearts Number Bonds Printable – subscribe to Rainy Day Mum Newsletter and receive this game FREE today

Printer – we use an HP Envy with instaink in the Rainy Day Mum household

Paper or Card Stock

Laminator – Optional

Heart Counters (these heart buttons are great for helping with fine motor skills as well as using as counters) or use the hearts from the Broken Hearts Number Bonds Sheet

Love Themed Number Bonds Activity

Print out the hearts – you will see the sheets include two copies of each bond this is included because many children learn it one way but won’t automatically understand the other way! So including two sets works well.

A set of hearts with the number bonds to 10 printed on them ready to cut up with a pair of scissors next to them on a wooden floor.

Cut out the hearts and show them to your child to talk about the number bonds. You can show how it works using the counters either with your own button counters, the ones from the pack or you could create some yourself with felt, cardboard or even clay.

paper hearts cut up in 2 rows of five to show 5 + 5 number bond to make 10.

Now break the hearts in two and muddle them up.

A hand holding half a heart with the number 8 on in the foreground and in the background you can see 8 smaller hearts.

Pick a piece of the broken heart and count out that number of counters.

Ask how many you need to fix the broken heart.

The broken pieces of a heart matched together to make a whole. On one half the number 2 and the other 8.

Repeat with the other hearts to fix them by matching the pairs together.


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Adapting to use with Younger Children

With toddlers you can use the broken hearts to match numbers – with the double set you will find two copies of each number instead of forming the bonds get your child to select a piece of broken heart and then lay out the others and find the matching pair for it.

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