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Blocks for Learning

Playing with blocks is fun for children of all ages from babies to older children with their Lego. Using them for learning at different levels is a slight twist on building with them here’s 4 simple ideas for learning with blocks.

Using blocks for learning - from baby to preschoolers

Using blocks for Learning

First off is simple building for babies, this can help work on language development you can talk positional words, colours of the blocks that you use, count as you play with the blocks as well as working on motor skills as you go as well.

Blocks made of unusual shapes are fantastic for problem solving trying to fit the shapes together so that there are no holes in the pattern that is formed similar to the game of tetris.

Using the blocks to create learning tools opens up many more possibilities on Life with Moore Babies they use the blocks to match up cursive and printed letters.

Another learning tool created from blocks this time using familiar faces to introduce graphing and sorting from Happily Ever After Mom.


  1. So many great ideas for learning utilizing blocks! LEGOS are a great toy and their newest addition, the LEGO Simpson’s House is awesome!

    Thank you for your post, it was very, very, helpful and informative!

  2. Thanks for hosting and including our Cursive and Print Duplos in your features!

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