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Bear Books

This weeks books are bear themed as T has started to play more and more with her teddy bears during the day when she wakes up from her nap.

Our first is Going on a bear hunt – I hadn’t realised how many times we had read this until J started to repeat it back to me. He’s also started to make up his own UH OH’s for the book including UH OH – it’s the jungle, we can’t go over it we can’t go under it got to go through it – SWING SWING SWING SWING SWING SWING!

This ones a special one for T – Where Oh where is Huggle Buggle Bear – we have a lovely little board book version and she will toddle over with it and hand it to us to read to her, we point (well we point at everything) at the different toys as we say them in the book. It’s got a lot of lovely rhyming animals and although Rainy Day Dad finds some of it a challenge on the tongue it’s got a great bedtime ending.

Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do you See is our third book this week – (yes I know if you follow these books for the week you will see that it’s the second time we’ve featured it but J loves it so much) – we love this Bill Martin Jr/Eric Carle book – last time we visited the library J picked it up as it was in the front of the book boxes for picture books and sat down in the middle of the library and we sat and read it 3 times with him repeating the words after a prompt and then the final time “reading” them himself to everyone’s amazement.

The forth book this week is This if The Bear – we brought this is a book selection from the Works and picked it out from the shelf. It’s since become a firm favourite – not only does it have a great rhythm to the words, it features Humpty Dumpty but it also has a Dust Cart in it (J’s favourite thing on a Thursday Morning is to stand and wave as they collect our rubbish and they wave back at him). It’s great as a slight variation on books as it also has speech bubbles in so we read the story one of 3 ways – everything on the page, just the speech or just the words.

 Our last book this week is The Other Day I met a Bear – More than anything else J love the illustrations in this book we getting really good at pulling shocked faces and also acting out the running away from the bear pages – which T finds hysterical and will giggle like mad when I chase J around pretending to be the bear.

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