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Beach Themed Paper Plate Wreath for Kids to Make

Continuing with our ocean week for Storybook Summer this year we have an easy summer craft for kids to make with a simple paper plate wreath with 3D shells. Paper plates make sure a great crafting material and I just love how the features of the paper plates have been used to create 3D effects on the shells. Read on for the full instructions and check out our other Ocean Crafts for Kids at the end as well as our fantastic selection of Summer Paper Plate Crafts if you want to extend your crafting further.

Easy and quick summer craft for kids to make an ocean or beach themed paper plate wreath with 3D shells.

Is there any place better than the beach?

Getting your feet wet, smelling the salty air, listening to the sound of the waves, and searching for seashells. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Since we don’t live anywhere near a beach, we decided to enjoy some beach time through literature and making a fun ocean craft, this On the Beach Paper Plate Wreath.

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Out of the Ocean by Debra Frasier was the perfect choice for our beach trip. This lovely book invites you to experience the beach with all your senses, listening for waves and looking for beach treasures, so you can carry home many beautiful memories of your trip. The illustrations are a combination of photographs and colorful mixed media collages. You’ll feel like you’re on the beach when you read this book.

Out of the Ocean
  • Frasier, Debra (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 40 Pages – 04/01/2002 (Publication Date) – Clarion Books (Publisher)

If you loved reading this book then check out our selection of books for your little mermaids and mermen with our ocean and beach books for toddlers and preschoolers.

Beach Themed Paper Plate Wreath for Kids to Make

We used inspiration from this book to make our simple beach paper plate wreath.

Out in the Ocean Inspired craft project for kids to make a paper plate wreath

Supplies Needed to make your Summer Paper Plate Wreath

2 paper plates per each wreath

Light blue, tan, white, and orange craft paint




How to make your Ocean Paper Plate Wreath with Kids

Before you begin, cut the middle section out of one of your paper plates. This step is best done by an adult or older child. We’ll use the outer circle for our wreath and you can save the middle for a future project.

Next cut your sponge into smaller cubes. Ours are about 1-inch squares, the perfect size for little hands. If you wash all the paint out of your sponge pieces once you’re done, you can use them in craft projects again and again.

summer craft for kids to make a beach themed wreath out of a paper plate

Pour a bit of blue paint into a container and use the sponge to dab blue paint all the way around your wreath. You’ll want to leave some white spaces.

Next, use your tan paint to dab all the way around your plate. Let the blue show through!

using sponges to paint a paper plate wreath for kids to make

Now we’ve got a paper plate wreath that reminds us of the sand, sky, and water at the beach. While we wait for our paint to dry, we’ll make our seashells.

Take your second paper plate and cut simple seashell shapes along the edge. Use the ridges on the edge of your paper plate to mimic the ridges on your seashells. We made about 10 seashells for each wreath.

3D sea shells for a paper plate summer wreath made from an additional paper plate

The shape is simple. You want a wide rounded top and a smaller rounded bottom. All seashells look different, so don’t worry about perfection!

If you want a mix things up, you can get creative and cut out different shapes of shells, starfish, pieces of sea glass, or even driftwood. Or head to the beach and find some of these and use hot glue to attach them yourselves.

To paint the shells, make a mixture of your white and orange paint. I only used one drop of orange in my white paint for a lighter seashell color. Mix it up however you like.

Paint all your seashells with your paint mixture. You can paint different colors or use a darker shade of your paint mixture to add a second color to your shells.

creating a paper plate wreath for summer with kids

Once all your shells have dried, arrange them around your wreath and use the glue to attach your shells.

Ocean Themed Paper Plate Wreath simple summer craft for kids to make after reading Out of the Ocean.

Now your beach paper plate wreath is finished. Our simple trip to the beach with literature and crafts is over. But, luckily we can do this over and over again visiting places all over the world.

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Quick and Easy Summer Craft for kids to create a paper plate ocean themed wreath.
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