I’m handing over today to a real life friend Helen who is a TinyTalk Teacher and my go to source for Baby Signing.


Tiny Talk

When Rainy Day Mummy asked me to write a piece for her blog I was stumped.  I got writers block.  How could I sum up the passion, the excitement, the joy and wonder of what I do, the pleasure I get from my work and why I think it is so important?.  So here goes:

Hi I’m Helen and I am a TinyTalk Baby Signing teacher.  I became a teacher after going to classes and seeing that it works, I knew that this was my ‘calling’ and I haven’t looked back.

TinyTalk classes have a winning formula, combining signs with songs and nursery rhymes that most of us know, we have puppets, musical instruments, we dance about go on ‘bear hunts’ and do the hokey cokey.  We have a signed book every three weeks and ‘Charlie Chick’ is a big favourite.


We celebrate every child’s achievement with series of signing certificates as their confidence grows.  It is a proud moment for each grown up when their little one is awarded their first sign certificate, accompanied with lots of cheers and clapping, usually to the amusement of the ‘new signer’.

Baby Signing

Because we are all having fun, the first half hour flies past and before we know it we are into the ‘social’ part of the class.  This is just as important, we feel, as the signing, the stories and the songs.  Here the babies are given the space to play with the toys on the soft throws, the grown ups get a chance to chat, have a hot drink, a biscuit and relax in a baby safe and baby friendly environment.

All this for the equivalent price of a coffee and biscuit in many coffee shops or cafes but you and your baby are learning a life long skill too!

So how do I know it works?

Baby Signing

My daughter’s first word was ‘milk’ at 6 months old, closely followed by ‘more’, ‘Daddy’, ‘food’, brother’ and countless others.  When people hear this they look at me to see if my nose grows longer as I rattle off that she putting words together to make sentences and can have a full, although simple, conversations with people about the things she sees, the people she knows and how she is feeling. She is twenty months old.  Her name is Samantha.




But does it work for others?

A wholehearted YES!!  I was handing out banana as well as biscuits to my class and a little girl, who LOVES banana saw me about to take the plate away.  She looked me in the eyes and signed ‘more’.  Mum saw it.  All the other grown ups saw it.  All the babies who were watching saw it.  I saw it.  There was a moment’s silence.  The whole class beamed and shone bright as that LIGHTBULB shone out like a beacon.  In unison we all smiled and clapped and signed ‘more’ back to her.  She smiled, signed ‘more’ again and was rewarded with two pieces of banana.  Result.  We all understood each other.  All communicating with each other – loud and clear.

Baby Signing

My job is a pleasure, a joy and an honour.  A pleasure to teach, a joy to watch babies communicating, ‘talking’ with others and an honour to be part of their world

Thank you and keep signing!


Helen can be found on her Tiny Talk Website, on facebook, twitter and also on her own blog.

Finding out more

Helen has kindly provided some articles about Baby Signing for more information.

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Tiny Talk

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  1. My son had delayed speech development and we used baby sign language at the beginning of his speech therapy. I will never forget our first “conversation” all done with baby signing. Signing was a breakthrough for our entire family and if I have any more kids I will use signing right from the start.

    1. We haven’t been able to do signing with T but she has invented her own signs based on what she sees J doing. It’s so funny seeing her sign her favourite songs for us to sing with her

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