If it’s raining cats and dogs outside, or just unbearably hot then there is nothing better for my kids and me than getting out our art and craft supplies and getting creative. And I do mean me as well! It hasn’t mattered what age my kids are, when I started Rainy Day Mum back in 2011 T was only 3 months old and she appeared in one of the first few posts with me helping her do some fingerprints on a ladybird and footprints as well. We’ve since done so many crafts and activities for Rainy Day’s and my favourites have to be Arts and Crafts.

Arts and crafts for rainy days - our favourite rainy day activities from Rainy Day Mum
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I’ve put together 5 of our favourite arts and crafts ideas for you so that you can find something that will entertain your kids and like all of our ideas the materials are easily found and most can be found in your kitchen cupboards or your craft boxes.

1. Blot Paintings

finger paint butterfly

Ever so simple fold a piece of paper in half and place some ready mixed paints on one side and then fold over and press squidging the colours around – unfold and you have a “beautiful butterfly” or blot painting of some sort. Be prepared to have a stack of paper and I found that we could cut the paper in half and then fold to get more “butterflies” out of paper with less waste.

2. Salt Dough

Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils

Salt dough is so easy to make and if you use our quickest ever salt dough recipe and guide to “baking” then you have a “clay” that you can make in minutes and decorate how you wish. I’ve used it for making fossils, decorations for Christmas Trees, but how about some fake shells, hand prints, beads or bowls that you can make. Want to make something a little bit more special using our Baker’s Clay.

3. Hand, feet, arm, body painting

Whether you have a baby, toddler, preschooler, kinder or grade school it seems like no matter what the age they love painting their body parts and then using these to make their own pictures. Babies and young toddlers especially love this because of the sensory aspects of it.

4. Junk Modelling

Keep a big box full of stuff that would otherwise go in the recycle bin, add some sticky tape, colouring materials, paints if you want and leave the kids to get creative. You will be amazed at what even toddlers can make with the stuff that you have in the box!

5. Painting, drawing, colouring

Ok, it seems obvious but kids love it, and you can do it as well as to encourage your kids that adults can be creative too. Set out the materials and let them take the lead – brown is the artwork of the toddler and preschooler especially when not directed as they mix all of the colours together, whereas as they get older you start to recognise shapes and the drawings start to have meaning.

Arts and crafats for rainy days - our favourite rainy day activities from Rainy Day Mum

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Arts and Crafts for Rainy Days - our favourite and easy to set up Arts and Crafts for Rainy Days or those that are too hot

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