Arts and Crafts Supplies for Kids

A question that we often get asked here at Rainy Day Mum is what things we have in our Arts and Crafts selection for the kids.

We love getting creative and over the years I have extended our supplies and now many of what the children use is combined with my own arts and crafts supplies and they use them freely or with supervision depending on what it is.

There are always some supplies and equipment available to them but things that maybe get a little messy or are a little more expensive live in the office where I have a wall dedicated to arts and crafts supplies. Yes, we love getting creative that much.

As it's asked frequently I thought I would share with your our basic supplies that I make sure we always have around and stock up if anything is getting low.

Discover the craft supplies that you will find useful although not all are essential as you get creative with the kids in your lives.

Basic Art and Craft Supplies for Kids

These supplies have been built up over many years  you don't need all of it to get creative with the kids or at home but build up your supplies over time and you will have creative kids and feel more creative yourself with a variety of different mediums to use.

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