We’re joining in with Nurturestore’s Art Explorers again this month with this month’s theme Painting without Brushes now J’s done a bit of this in the past when we explored printing with the 30 days of hands on play back in November and then when we did some snowy animal prints in the winter but this time we’ve combined 2 different tools to paint with to produce a little daisy flowers or as it turned out a page of daisy flowers.

Art Explorer - painting without brushes

What you need to make some painting without brushes daisy flowers

White Paint
Yellow Paint
A cotton Reel
A toy with 2 feet

How you make the Daisy flowers without using a brush.

Using a cotton reel to paint
J's cotton reel painting

I set up the colours for J a dish with some yellow and a dish with some white we also had a smaller set of green in case he needed to have his favourite colour on hand to complete the pictures but this time he decided it was more fun to make daisy flowers all over the paper instead of using green. Using his cotton reel he printed some circles on his paper.

Using a Toy to paint with
J examining the feet of his toy to check that they had good paint coverage

Then he swapped to using his toy (part of the inspiration for the Daisy flowers as well) and covered her feet in white paint. Then he printed the feet around 1 daisy and declared it was a Pretty Flower. After that the foot prints went everywhere which he decided was petals falling off flower! more like being pulled off them the way that he currently attacks them.

Toy painting
J making petals that have "fallen" off the flowers using his toy

The cotton reel has since become a regular feature of our painting as he loves circles.

Cerys Parker

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