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10 Amazing Apple Recipes to Cook with Kids

Autumn is here and one of our favourite things to do is get in the kitchen and cook. Apples are one of our favourite items to cook with and they make delicious bakes and recipes that kids can cook as well. We’ve put together our favourites here so here’s our favourite apple recipes for kids to cook.

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Cooking with Kids Apple Recipes

Whether you use cooking apples or apples in the fruit bowl there are so many different recipes to try. Here are our favourites that the kids love to bake so we hope you enjoy them too.

Apple Sauce

slow cooker apple sauce in a white serving dish with a red check cloth on a white table

You can’t go wrong with this easy slow cooker apple sauce recipe. It’s really easy to make and once you have chopped and peeled it’s just leaving it to do it’s thing.

Fruit Leathers

fruit leather being cut on a wooden chopping board and rolled up beside it ready for kids lunchboxes

With your homemade apple sauce you can turn them into a fantastic kids snack – fruit leathers or roll-ups they are so easy to make get your Apple Fruit Leather Recipe here to make with the kids.

Easy No Roll Pastry Apple Pies

collection of apple pies on a wooden chopping board with an apple cloth in front, one of the pies is half eaten showing the delicious apple pie filling

You can beat an apple pie and these delicious apple pies to cook with kids are so simple to make – they don’t need you to roll the pastry and even little ones can be involved in making them.

Filo Pastry Apple Cups

Squirty cream topped apple pie cups for simple bite-sized desserts for Rainy Days

Ever so easy these simple apple pie cups are made with filo pastry and are perfect little bite sized desserts to cook with kids.

Traditional Apple Crumble

6 portion apple crumble recipe perfect for family desserts in fall

My kids love making crumbles it’s one of their favourite desserts in autumn and winter and this recipe for traditional apple crumble uses our easy crumble topping mix.

They also loving our luxury version with Bramley apples, sultanas, and cinnamon a perfect treat. Get the Bramley apple and sultana crumble recipe to try today.

Check out even more Apple Activities for Learning with Preschoolers here!

Apple and Cinnamon Loaf Cake

Apple and cinnamon loaf cake - cooking with kids a simple easy to follow recipe for a delicious treat

Once you start this recipe baking your house will smell like fall a delicious apple and cinnamon loaf cake is a family favourite here in the Rainy Day Mum house. I think our youngest was just 3 when she first made this with us and has continued to make it every fall since.

Breakfast Muffins

Easy recipe to make these delicious apple and cinnamon breakfast muffins, but there's nothing stopping you eating them anytime. Perfect for autumn baking

Another family favourite that the kids love to make (and can be frozen too) are these amazing apple and cinnamon breakfast muffins!

Decorated Cupcakes

These kids love to make and help decorate cupcakes these 2 designs are really easy for them to do and look so cute.

Simple to make apple with worm cupcakes ideal for back to school or end of school year
Easy to decorate Apple Cupcakes ideal for school treats, end of school parties or back to school for the kids. Full Step by Step instructions.

The first were made for a Very Hungry Caterpillar party and are a set of apple cupcakes with gummy worms as the caterpillars. So simple so here you go our Very Hungry Caterpillar Cupcakes.

Another really easy cupcake to make with kids is our back to school apple cupcakes. So easy and they are perfect for kids to make the week before school starts.

Amazing apple recipes to cook with kids collage of finished apple recipes, muffins, loaf cake, apple pie, fruit roll-ups and sauce all to be cooked by and with kids

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