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Activity Ideas to Do with Your 7 Month Old

As your baby hits the 7-month mark, a game of peekaboo starts to become hours of entertainment, and they’re starting to teethe. During this first year, your little one grows and develops so much our ideas for what to do with your baby each month for the first year is perfect for finding simple suggestions of ways to connect and engage with your little ones. Your 7-month-old is now starting to eat chunkier foods and is starting to understand the world around them. Here are some wonderfully simple and easy activities that are perfect for your 7-month old baby.

Fun activities to do with your 7-month-old

Simple Activities to do with your 7-month-old Baby

Remember each baby develops differently, please check out the ideas for 6-month-olds and earlier as these simple suggestions of things to do with your baby are still relevant and will work with 7-month-olds too.

If you are concerned that your baby isn’t reaching milestones or developing at the same rate as others please seek advice from a medical professional here at Rainy Day Mum we aren’t medical professionals just sharing ideas that we loved to do with our little ones at the ages we cover.

Looking for ideas and simple activities to do month by month for your baby? Then check out our Baby Activity Ideas from Birth to 12 months.

Play Silly Games that Encourage Movement

Place toys and other objects for your baby around the room and encourage them to move around the room to get to them. By seven months, your baby may be crawling, rolling, scooting, and other movements by this point.

Hide their favourite teddy on the sofa so they have to stretch and reach for it or place a ball that they can then chase around the room underneath a chair.

Go for a sensory walk with your 7-month-old

Your baby is loving all the sights, smells, and sounds around them. Why not take them on a fun sensory walk!

You don’t have to go far, and can even just go into the backyard if you would like. Put your baby in the stroller and allow them to touch the leaves on the ground, feel the dirt on their fingers, and take in the outside world around them.

Don’t forget to share with them what they are experiencing it’s a great way to develop language.

Experiment with new foods

By now your baby is starting to get the hang of solid foods, so why not take the time to try some new foods!

Test out some new foods and vegetables. If you are using purees then introduce some finger foods and if you are doing baby led weaning continue to extend the range of food you and your family are eating together.

Play with blocks

Any set of blocks will work, but the more colorful they are, the more fun this activity will be!

Place the blocks in front of your baby and help them stack one on top of the other. Eventually, your baby will start to realize what you are doing and start attempting to stack the blocks too.

Baby trying to join blocks together
Baby playing with Blocks

Encourage your baby to continue to rebuild as the blocks fall over, and help them learn the concept of stacking objects.

Although believe me you will spend more time rebuilding the towers that they knock down at this stage. I introduced counting at this point, as a set of stacking blocks we had were labelled with numbers.


Baby at 7-months-old playing peek a boo with a towel
Cute 7-month-old playing peek a boo with a towel By Darja Vorontsova via Shutterstock

I couldn’t go through this list without mentioning the classic game of Peek-a-boo.

You can take this to another level by introducing the concept of peek-a-boo with a mirror.

Your 7-month old will still be learning about object permanence by this age, so this can be a fun way to help them develop their depth and perception skills.

Blowing bubbles

Your 7-month old isn’t about to grab the container and do it themselves by 7 months, but your baby will love following the bubbles you blow, and may even try to catch them!

This can be a fun way to also encourage movement and encourage their hand-eye coordination. We make our own bubble mixture with kitchen ingredients so we never run out get your recipe for this simple mix by clicking on the blue underlined text for Bubble Mixture.

Read picture books

Picture books are great to read to your baby at this age.

Point to the pictures on the page as you read the story. Since your baby may be teething by this point, you may want to stick to board books.

It’s going to be easier to keep them from falling apart, and your baby can interact with the book as you read.

Check out our list of Toddler Books as there are seasonal suggestions as well as themed books that are fantastic to introduce at this age.

Before you know it, your baby will be all grown up. We’re past the halfway mark in your baby’s first year and you’ll be celebrating their first baby in just a few months.

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Fun activities to do with your 7-month-old


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