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Activities to do with your 5-month-old

Congratulations on making it to the five-month mark. I bet it seems like every day is long but it’s just a moment since you held your newborn in your arms for the first time. There has probably been a lot of changes in your little on in the last month. We have put together a set of different activities for you and your baby to do together which are perfect for a five-month-old, and mum and dad will love them as well. Here are some fantastic things to do with your 5-month-old that will help entertain them and support their development.

Simple and fun activities for 5-month-old babies that you can do with them. Supporting their development and spending time nurturing and connecting.

Fun Things to Do with your 5-month-old Baby

Although these activities are suggested for 5-month-old babies and are in line with normal development each baby develops at a different rate. You may find the activities for a 4-month-old baby may be better than these.

If you are concerned with your babies development contact your doctor and discuss this with them. We aren’t medical professionals just parents that have had babies and these are activities that we found fun and interesting to do with them.

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Start a conversation

Obviously, your baby can’t talk yet, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a conversation.

Your baby is likely babbling and making funny noises now, and this is the perfect time to start talking back to them.

Wait for a break in their babbling and say things like, “Isn’t that interesting?” and “Tell me more about that.” Your baby may not understand what you’re saying, but they will start to understand the cadence of speech which is an important developmental step. If all else fails, tell your baby about your day.

Even if they aren’t “talking” back, it’s essential for them to hear your voice and see your forming different words.

Finding this difficult – then read our tips on talking to your baby when they can’t talk to you.

Stack blocks or cups

While your baby probably isn’t ready to stack anything yet, it’s a good idea to start showing them how to do it correctly and is a great way to get older siblings “playing” with the baby as well.

Little 5-month-old baby surrounded by simple none electronic toys ideal for starting to introduce at this age range
Baby surrounded by simple toys by SvetlanaFedoseyeva via Shutterstock

As a plus, your baby may enjoy knocking down your stack and watching your build it back up again.

This stacking game is a beautiful way to get your baby to laugh and smile. And isn’t that what we all want?

Make sure you’re talking them through what you’re doing as you’re doing it. By doing this, you’re stimulating your baby’s brain and teaching them things they can do in the future.

Name the body parts

An excellent activity for your five-month-old is to start teaching them the names of their body parts.

Make changing time fun time with your newborn baby as you play this simple stretching and singing game. If you have older children too get them to join in as you sing along with Head Shoulders Knees and Toes and play together.

Obviously, your baby won’t retain much of the information but introducing them to different words is always a good idea.

Touch a specific part of your baby’s body and say things like, “I found your toes.” or “Whose arm is this?”.

It’s important to ask your baby questions and naming the different body parts is a great time to put this into practice.

Why not make it into a fun game for your little wiggly baby and you to play at changing time with our Body Parts Changing Mat Game to play together.

Massage your baby

Who doesn’t want a massage?

Not even a baby could pass that up. You want to remember though that a baby massage is different than the kinds of massages you get.

Baby massage a fun activity to do with your 5-month-old to soothe, relax and spend quality time together
Baby massage with a 5-month-old baby By Dmitry Naumov via Shutterstock

A baby massage needs to be about soft touches and comforting words. Talk to your baby while you make small circles with your hands.

Make sure you’re speaking quietly to calm them while you rub them down. Your baby will love how good it feels and feeling this way will help them feel even closer to you than they already are.

So, when it boils down to it, baby massages not only feel good for your little one, but they are also a wonderful time for parents to bond with their children.

Simple and fun activities for 5-month-old babies that you can do with them. Supporting their development and spending time nurturing and connecting.
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