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Activities to do with your 3-month-old baby

You should be giving yourself a big pat on the back! You’ve made it to month three of your baby’s life, and I’m sure that you’re still a little tired right now. Don’t worry because that’s normal. Today, I wanted to talk to you about some things you can do to help your three-month-old reach developmental milestones. I’d love to hear about your experiences with these activities and how your baby reacted to them. Here are some things you can do for three-month baby development.

Support your babies development and engage with them as they grow with these simple activities and things to do with your 3-month-old

Remember every baby develops at different rates – if these activities seem ahead of your babies development check out our 2-month-old activities as these combined with some of the ones below may work better.

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Activities and Things to Do with your 3-month-old-baby

Sing quietly

Before bedtime, have few minutes where you rock and sing quietly to your three-month-old. You should be introducing your little one to singing now if you haven’t already. But I’m sure there have already been a few nursery rhymes or two in your house already. Singing while rocking your baby to sleep is a beautiful time for bonding.

Full lyrics to some classic lullaby songs to include as part of your bedtime routine with your babies. Ideal for singing your baby to sleep.

If you are a loss for suitable songs and/or can’t remember the words check out these Classic Lullabies to sing with your baby.

Have quiet time

Everyone needs a break from all the noise sometimes. Even baby needs some quiet time every now and again. Make sure you have times where the TV is off and the radio is turned down. Your baby needs time to babble and hear their own voice. So, if you feel like you need some quiet time, take advantage of the fact that it’s good for your child.

Play with textures

Different textures are perfect for baby’s developmental stages. At three months, you should be letting them feel things like stuffed animals, toys like wooden blocks and plastic teethers, and various kinds of fabrics.

Support your babies development and engage with them as they grow with these simple activities and things to do with your 3-month-old
Mum and 3-month-old baby playing by UvGroup/Shutterstock

Your baby will enjoy the different sensations and start to discover their hands. This is an essential time for your baby to learn, so make sure to provide a variety of textures for them to explore.

Rock around the clock

If your baby is crying, try rocking in the rocking chair or glider. Your baby will know that the rocking chair is a comforting place and feel safe and secure when they are being rocked. It’s also an excellent time to look into their eyes and enjoy a little of that bonding magic you could pick a book to read aloud at the same time helping them develop their language skills whilst they know that they are loved in your arms.

Prop them up

Your baby is starting to want to see what’s going on. Help your baby by propping him or her up with a pillow or boppy. Your baby will love getting to view everything around them, and they’ll start to understand what things are in a very fundamental way. This will help them tremendously when they are getting used to their new environment.

Whilst being propped up they have a different view of the world than from your arms or with tummy time. Point out things that they can see from that angle and make sure that you get down on the level with them too.

Support your babies development and engage with them as they grow with these simple activities and things to do with your 3-month-old
3 Month Old Baby Girl Smiling by MNStudio/Shutterstock

Look in mirrors

Mirrors help baby start to understand their reflections and facial recognition. Babies absolutely love seeing the baby in the mirror and will often time even smile or laugh just a little. You can also put a non-breakable plastic mirror attached to the side of the baby’s crib so that it draws their attention.

As you can see, there are several things you can be doing to help your baby develop at three months of age. Try these out and let me know which one helped you the most.

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Support your babies development and engage with them as they grow with these simple activities and things to do with your 3-month-old
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