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Activities for when Mum’s feel ill

Mums are not immortal, we get ill and it’s not always possible to take ourselves to bed which is often what we really need to do especially when our extended family work, live far away or are just not there for whatever reason on those days we need activities for the children that can occupy them whilst enabling us to rest and recuperate getting better quicker. I’ve just spent a few weeks like that managing the essentials and nothing much more during the day as I have felt less than normal.

Easy to set up simple and independent activities for kids ideal for when Mom feels ill

Now don’t get me wrong it’s great to sit and snuggle on the sofa but if like J and T your children will only do that for a short amount of time here’s 30 activities that children can do with little or no input from you once you have everything set up perfect for those days where you are feeling under the weather.


A toddler version of crab

A go to activity in our house in playdough – I keep a selection of playdough either homemade or store brought and can quickly set up some activities for the children with that that they can spend almost an hour playing with. Here are some suggestions for quick and easy activities to set up for the kids with activities


cuckoo by lois elhert inspired art work

There are some things that I just won’t get out when I’m feeling ill – paint, white glue and anything that could make a huge mess are out of the question however there are possibilities that children can do that don’t make too much of a mess (nothing worse than clearing up a mess when you feel ill) and are quick and easy to set up.

Activities to promote peace and quiet

Quiet Time ActivitiesWhen you feel ill you often need peace and quiet and there are some activities that are almost guaranteed to promote this with kids – check out these great ideas


  1. Wonderful ideas, love the diversity of creative tips! Because whether we moms/dads are sick or not, the play must go on ;)?

  2. What a nice idea for a post! I am a teacher and often when I am not feeling well I have to think of more activities for my kids to do. Thank you for sharing your ideas.


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