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7 Summer Arts and Crafts for Kids

With long summer days arts and crafts are great for kids as they can get busy and have fun whilst being entertained and avoiding the “I’m Bored Mum!”. So this week I’m sharing 7 ideas for fun summer arts and crafts to do with the kids.

7 Summer Arts and Crafts for Kids to keep them from saying "I'm Bored Mom!"

First off – after a trip to the beach how about dying your sea shells beautiful pastel colours you could then use them in other crafts over the summer or even in counters for garden games.

Create a Tin Can Lantern that you can then use on a camp out or for an evening BBQ.

Get creative making a windsock – try this tin can one from Mama to 5 Blessings or our plastic bottle sun catcher wind sock.

Painting outdoor was always one of my favourite activities and my kids love painting with body parts just like Our Little House in the Country who are painting with their feet.

If it’s too hot outside or raining then why not create a sun shaped sun catcher for the window to brighten the day up.

Get really creative use water soakers to create some colourful tie dye with Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Top 10 ways to create with water


PS. As a bonus check out our Top 10 ways to get creative with water for some extra arts and crafts for kids this summer that will also keep them cool.


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