It gives me great pleasure to welcome Maggy from Red Ted Art back to Rainy Day Mum after sharing 7 Days of Nature Crafts Maggy is back today sharing 7 days of Loo Roll Crafts (that’s Toilet Roll crafts to those none UK readers).

7 days of loo roll crafts features on Rainy Day Mum from Red Ted Art

Wonderful to be back here again visiting from over at Red Ted Art!! We love Rainy Day Mum’s blog and all it’s wonderful ideas for toddlers and pre-schoolers, that it is a pleasure to be here!

This week I would like to share a week’s worth of Loo Roll crafts! I love love love loo roll crafts, as they are free, everyone has loo rolls and they are incredibly versatile. Also, because they are such a “basic” household item, I find that my kids are not “afraid” of just having a go and having fun, rather than worrying about “mistakes”. Afterall, if there is a “mistake”, there are plenty more loo rolls to go through!

So we are sharing 7 loo roll crafts with you today!

cardboard tube animals

First up we have our Loo Roll Zoo inspired by a book we were reading at the time: “Who is Hiding” and perfect for Zoo and imaginative play. This craft also features in our brand new book Red Ted Art, Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids!

castle cardboard tubes


One of our earliest crafting with Loo Rolls – our Castle & Men craft. It was great for crafting with my son who was only 3yrs old then. He loved choosing the “outfits” the people would wear and giving them all names. The Castle was an impromptu craft as we decided that the men needed somewhere to go…

cardboard tube crowns

One of my personal favourite loo roll crafts are these Crowns for Prince & Princesses – for some reason they are totally underrated, but I think they are just the cutest things ever. They would be brilliant for a Princess Party craft or for a 3 Kings Day celebration.

cardboard tube puppets

We love making Marionettes from loo rolls (and have 2 that feature in our book!) Here we have some great birds perfect for Autumn exploring leaf rubbings and leaf prints as you go along!

cardboard tube owl

Another cute and simple Autumn craft is this little loo roll  Owl  once again simple to make and we used dried pumpkin seeds to decorate. Making it a tactile craft as well.

cardboard tube castle

With the new school year upon us, why not make a great Loo Roll Castle desk tidy! We came up with a great base to help keep “everything” contained and it makes your child’s desk look SOOOO much tidier AND more fun!

cardboard tubes minibeasts

A great craft to go with any lessons on Mini Beasts. We LOVED making the wings and made a special “version” of these in our son’s Reception class. The kids AND teachers were smitten (and even some of the parents’ expressed pleasure at the brought home craft!)

So.. the next time you see a loo roll, don’t throw it away into the recycling, but think “what can I make from THIS?!” and get crafty!

Maggy Woodley Red Ted Art

Maggy Woodley, is a mum of two and writes over at Red Ted Art, Life at The Zoo and Theatre Books and Movies. Red Ted Art is also now being translated for German, Spanish and Russian! So watch this SPACE if any of those languages are your native language!!!

Cerys Parker

Cerys is a marine biologist, environmental educator, teacher, mum, and home educator from the UK. She loves getting creative, whether it is with simple and easy crafts and ideas, activities to make learning fun, or delicious recipes that you and your kids can cook together you'll find them all shared here on Rainy Day Mum.


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