June is National Picnic month and it’s perfect for heading out with the whole family to enjoy the early summer sunshine and share time together in the park or even just your back garden. We’re all about outdoor eating when we can and love to share even the simplest picnics together at some of our favourite picnic spots around our county and even further afield. Here’s our top tips for a successful picnic with kids and we’re so excited to share with you a little picnic inspiration wherever you are in the UK at the end from Higgidy Pies that we have been involved in.

Make your summer picnics this year ones to remember even with kids when you follow our 5 top tips for successful summer picnics with kids plus a free picnic guide to download
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#1 – Pack food that the kids will actually eat

There is a huge temptation for me to search Pinterest and discover new recipes that I look like I will love and I’ve done this only to open containers and find that my kids and sometimes my husband won’t even consider trying the food. Now no matter what I make I always make sure that there is food that the kids and my husband will eat.

#2 – Use drinks as ice blocks

Ice blocks are heavy if you have a Backpack Picnic Bag [affiliate link] or even if you just pile everything in one once you have finished you want that bag to be as light as possible ice blocks will weigh it down. Instead, freeze up your drinks and put them in the bag to defrost as you walk around and by the time you want to eat you will have lovely cool food still plus your drinks will be cold and refreshing and then when you’ve finished no ice blocks to carry back and your bag will be empty. And don’t worry if they have defrosted the kids will love the slushies!

#3 – Do your research

If you are heading somewhere new check out the website to find out how far away the picnic areas are from the car park. If they are close and you will be walking back towards the car before having your picnic then leave your stuff in the car and save your back giving you more energy and freedom to play with the kids. If the picnic area is a distance from the car then make sure that you have everything that you need with you – you don’t want to have forgotten something and need to come back because with everyone enjoying themselves you never know how far it will actually be before the kids utter those words “I’m hungry!”

#4 – Don’t forget some games

Kids on the move eat quicker and you sometimes really want to savour the delicious food that you have prepared so pack some games that the kids can play whilst you sit and relax – a bat and ball, a beach ball that you can collapse down a set of boules simple games that the kids will enjoy and will leave you a little time to sit watch them and enjoy the delicious food and surrounding as you go around.

#5 – Pack a picnic blanket

You’ve done your research and you know that there will be picnic benches, but it’s a lovely sunny day and you’ve taken your time getting to the picnic area and every bench is full, but down the way there is loads of space that you can set up – but no, no Picnic Blanket [affiliate link] if you have one with you whether you plan to use it or not then at least you are prepared.

Higgidy Picnic Guide

We’ve shared our generic picnic information with you and it will work wherever you are headed whether it’s to a woods, beach, lake or park however, we do have a favourite picnic destination that the kids and I love because of the area and we’re sharing our top tips with some other in a fabulous free book to download from Higgidy. Giving you suggestion for destination, tips for enjoying those destinations to the fullest and then some delicious recipes to enjoy whilst you are there. You can download the book for FREE here and check out our top tips for our favourite destination in East Anglia Needham Lake.

Make your summer picnics this year ones to remember even with kids when you follow our 5 top tips for successful summer picnics with kids plus a free picnic guide to download
Children having a picnic via Shutterstock
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Cerys is a marine biologist, environmental educator, high school teacher and mum. Realising that life doesn't have to be put on hold and you don't just have to survive whilst the kids are young she shares ideas to inspire you to LIVE with the kids, with activities to do together, recipes to cook and enjoy and family travel to make memories to last a lifetime.

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