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5 Numeracy Activities for a Town Walk

Walking around a Town or City lends itself to introducing some fantastic Numeracy Activities on the move. Here are 5 simple Numeracy Activities for a Town Walk great for Preschoolers and Kinder aged children.

5 Simple Numeracy Activities for a Town Walk

Numeracy activities for a Town Walk


Easily the simplest of the activities is counting the house as you go. Start off with counting every 5, 10, 20 houses as you go past them and increase as your child is able to count them along with you.

Number Recognition

With the counting you can introduce number recognition – if you are lucky to pass a street where the numbers start at 1 you can do number recognition in order however why not just ask the question “What number can you see?” start with single numbers e.g. 112 you would expect the number 1 and 2 moving onto double digits as they become familiar with numbers 1 – 9 and then further. We’re working on number recognition past 100 on our daily walk to school.

Two more, Two Less

Our British Streets lend themselves perfectly for adding and subtracting 2 with the odd numbered houses on one side of the street and even on the other side of the street. So counting in 2’s works really well – we start off moving on from the number recognition and skip count – then ask for predictions of what the next house could be. If like us you do the same walk in reverse as well you can subtract 2 as well.

Measurement Language

Cars, Flowers, Leaves and even houses are great for talking about size. As we walk along we ask which is the biggest of 3 objects we stop and look at the leaves on the ground and will sort them into size order from Biggest to Smallest or Smallest to Biggest. It’s also a good time to introduce fast, slow, tall, short.


Road signs, paving slabs, windows and manhole covers/drains are different shapes. Start off spotting squares, circles and triangles, then add in rectangles and ovals. We even have a couple of Hexagons that we see on our daily walk they are alarm systems on houses.

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  1. Hi Cerys…thank you so much for sharing on our FB page today! We love this activity and especially the combination of a great, yet simple, gross motor skill and MATH! No better way to learn than to learn while moving!! I so wish we could get outside and do this; however, our temps are well below zero and the snow is so deep!! Have a great week!!

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