On Day 23 of the 30 Days to Hands on Play The Imagination Tree set the Challenge of Printing. Now over the summer I tried this with J wanted to print a castle as we had visited one and had the idea to use megablocks to do it – but J had other ideas and the activity led to me writing the post “How do you do messy play” as it really didn’t go to plan at all. So being given the prompt I thought why not have a go.

What you need

Coverall for toddler, table and yourself (maybe it’s just us but even I got messy doing this)
Dish for paint
Paint – we only used white
Black Card
Assortment of objects

How the fun happens

Printing with toys

Now J and had been watching In the Night Garden during our lunch and decided to we were going to make a snowy picture for In the Night Garden – so we got out Upsy Daisy and decided she was going to walk in the snow. J was then insistent that there had to be a ball (for anyone that hasn’t seen it a ball features in a lot of episodes of the programme) so a pom pom was found to use for making the ball prints and then due to the episode being about the Tombiloo building blocks – we also had to use a block for the printing as well.


J printing with Upsy Daisy “Walking in snow”

I set up the table for J with the card, his chosen objects and the white paint (although we had issues with him thinking it was glue as it comes in the same bottle as the glue does!) and he started printing.First Upsy Daisy walked across the page leaving “Snowy Prints Mummy – Upsy Daisy Walks” and he had great fun making the marks of her going across the card. Then the bouncy ball came into action and the pom pom was bounced across the page leaving “CIRCLE MUMMY CIRCLE”.


Printing with Blocks

Then the block was taken into action – it was interesting to see him first print with the base – a square, then the side – rectangle and lastly the top – a circle.




Of course at this point T woke from her nap – and I popped up stairs to get her and came down to find him printing with his hands – there was to quote him “SNOW STORM MUMMY – upsy daisy cold”. At which point it was clean up and let the picture dry.

Hand printing from a toddler left to own devices

Fun Factor

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