10 Plant Activities – to create, play, and learn with

Plants fascinate kids – the colours, how they seem to suddenly appear from nowhere in the spring, the way they change over the season and the fruits and seeds that they produce. Here’s 10 Plant Activities to create, play and learn with.

10 Plant activities to create, play and learn with.

In the past we have enjoyed reading the book The Carrot Seed and had great fun creating with out – Stir of Wonder has been recently reading it and done some hands on maths activities as well as a simple science activity to learn with plants.

We have loved learning with plants and explored growth growing beans in a jar and also how plants drink with two simple science at home experiments.

Learning more about plants in depth with printables can help visual learners and Living Monterssori has a list of FREE Botany Printables ideal for learning more about plants.

Get creative and create a Spring Blossom Tree like 3 Dinosaurs did – I love how they changed the paper so that it would be “Stained Glass Like” or you could mix some learning and crafting together and create a Family Tree like we did.


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