As spring arrives this weekend it’s time to look at some easy Gardening Activities and crafts to do together with your toddlers. Just because they are little doesn’t mean that you can start cultivating a green thumb and encouraging them to learn about where their food comes from as well as grow some beautiful flowers. So to get you started we’ve put together some of our favourite Gardening Activities you can do with your toddlers this year.

Growing Plants

toddler in the garden adding a seed label to her row of carrots seeds that she will be growing

There are so many things you can grow with your toddlers. From quick and easy seeds to specific things. Why not check out our favourites below.

Carrots from Seed or Tops!

DIY Garden flags to use as seed and garden markers - so easy as a perfect summer craft for kids

Yes, we do really think you can grow carrots with toddlers and it’s a lot of fun. From growing them from seed to growing the tops to see how they grow as a fun simple science experiment you have your pick.

Plant a Pumpkin Seed for Halloween

tray of pumpkin seedlings planted by toddlers and  preschoolers

Who doesn’t love picking their own pumpkin! But, do you know how easy they are to grow. You can either save your seeds from last year or buy some this year and start the tradition. Find out how easy it is to Grow Pumpkins with Kids.

Grow Sweet Peas

Spark and Pooky are also growing seeds – they too are using cardboard tubes but have combined with another item from the junk modelling box and are growing some sweet peas.

Make Some Recycled Pots and Containers

Red Ted Art gets crafty with some recycled pots and containers the kids can use and help you make getting your seeds and then plants off to the right start (most are biodegradable as well a real bonus).

Cerys Parker

Cerys is a marine biologist, environmental educator, teacher, mum, and home educator from the UK. She loves getting creative, whether it is with simple and easy crafts and ideas, activities to make learning fun, or delicious recipes that you and your kids can cook together you'll find them all shared here on Rainy Day Mum.


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