Zulily Wishlist for Tots and Moms

Have you found Zulily yet? NO! Well what are you waiting for? Ok so you probably need a bit of What is it? Why do I need it? and then some of Why did no one tell me about it before.

I realise that Zulily has been around in the US for a while, but it landed in the UK in April and I discovered it mid August time ( yes I was a little slow on the uptake), but what it has are amazing bargains day after day after day. Each morning I check my inbox with excitement to see what special offers will be on the site that day, the offers range from babies clothes, children clothes, toys from amazing brands like Melissa and Doug (hard to find at the best of times in the UK), maternity clothes, designer brands as well as specials like the Rose and Rebellion Baby Carrier that we brought specially made for Zulily. The special offers (up to 90% off the rrp) stay on the site for 72 hours and then they are gone, but boy are there some savings.

Here’s just a taster and my ultimate Zulily wishlist for tots and moms today.

T moved into a toddler/junior bed a while ago (at 14 months) and I’m really not a fan of Character bedding so seeing the gorgeous Cute Babies – Bedding for Babies and Kids was a relief – I love this Japanese Dolls cot bedding and I’ve added it to my basket for today

Zulily UK

I teach J and T by example and one of the things that as a parent I think is important is saying Thanks and especially for the gifts that we receive as well as for the little things that people do to help us – this set of 8 Thank you Cards are gorgeous and I just know who ever receives them will cherish the design as well as the sentiments included.

Zulily UK

We will be turning our dinning room into a kids room (plus eating area) early in the new year and I’m always looking out for inspiration for the room. Well added to my basket on Zulily this morning already is this Alphabet Chalk Board border – instead of scribbling on the walls the children will have a dedicated area to draw on and whilst they are doodling they will be able to learn their ABC’s as well.

Zulily UK

One of the reasons that I love Zulily is the variety of different clothes that they have available for children – instead of J and T looking like every other child all the time dressed in high street brands for really reasonable prices the kids can have unique clothes that look gorgeous worn as well as practical for playing all day at home or at nursery. Today’s offerings include peasant dresses which T looks gorgeous in and some great versions of them for babies as well.

Zulily UK

T is really starting to role play especially being me – she loves copying what I’m doing and helping around the house so one of the things that Santa is looking at bringing is a wooden kitchen and WOHO Zulily has a few wooden kitchens today – my favourite is the prairie kitchen with it’s pale colouring and beautiful traditional look T will have a more stylish kitchen than I do.

Zulily UK

Just one extra espcially for a couple of my friends who have recently had babies or the couple that I know that are due really soon some with Twins how about some Thing 1 and Thing 2 clothes for kids in honour of Dr Seuss and our love of books.

Zulily UK

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Zulily UK

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