Virtual Book Club for Kids Summer Camp – 2013

Virtual Book Club Summer Camp 2013

I’m so excited to announce this and just can’t keep quiet any longer Kristina from Toddler Approved, Kim from The Educators’ Spin On It and myself have been working behind the scenes on bringing you a 5 week Virtual Book Club Summer Camp.

With all the parts of the Virtual Book Club for Kids that we host each month, activities, crafts, recipes and fun for kids 2 to 8 with 5 themes we’re going to share books and activities that bring them alive from our archives and new original content as well as other fantastic ideas from our favourite bloggers that bring books alive through their participation in the Virtual Book Club for Kids each month.

Virtual Book Club Summer Camp for kids - your Camp CounselorsEach week starting on Monday 24th June we will be sharing original content on our sites as well as providing you with an activity planner for the weeks theme and a complete supply list for that week which will be your basic supplies.

We would love for you to come and join us to receive the activity planner and our posts as well as special Virtual Book Club Summer Camp news all you need to do is sign up below to get it all straight to your inbox

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing more information about the summer camp so stay tuned for more information.

Summer Book Camp - Square image

We’re looking for SPONSORS!  Brands may contact us regarding sponsorship opportunities at info(at)rainydaymum(dot)co(dot)uk. 

I would love to know if you will be joining us – please leave a comment to let us know and we look forward to you joining us bringing books alive on our Virtual Book Club Summer Camp

Thank you to MyCuteGraphics for the Sun used in our images!
This is the Virtual Book Club Summer Camp 2013 – if you are interested in a Virtual Book Club Summer Camp for 2015 then please check out more information on the link below.

Virtual Book Club Summer Camp 2015

Virtual Book Club Summer Camp 2015 - Register Now for 3 weeks of book based activities for your kids

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  1. Sam Blane says

    I definately will, my 2.5 year old already enjoys loads of your activities. Please try and include some things to do with her little sister as well ( currently 7.5 months)

  2. Jesica says

    I just subscribed and am excited. I’ve got 5 kids from oldest 14 yrs to youngest 18 mo. All my kids love to read except my oldest son (8 yrs) which I cant find a way to motivate him. I hope that thru this site he will at least get a bit curious.

  3. Jodi says

    Sounds fun! I’ll have 5 kids aged 8,7,6,3 and 1 this summer, and we all LOVE to read!

  4. Melissa says

    This sounds so fun! I plan to follow closely with my 2 and 5 year old daughters and may come up with some things very similar for my older girls! How old would you say is too old to follow this group? I teach 2nd grade, many of my students are 7 and 8 years old. I would love to suggest your blog and give my students who will be entering 3rd grade the chance to participate. Do you think they’d be too advanced?

  5. Kim says

    I have a almost 4yr old and a 15 month old we will for sure be joining in on the fun!!

  6. Claudia says

    Hi! I’d love to join you. I tried adding my email to your mailing list but it did not work.